Blends of the Day

A better picture will come soon 🙂

Monday Motivation / Mabsut

Mondays are for finding those bits of happiness, seeing what motivations there can be in the world, and mostly trying to tackle the start of the week with mochas (chocolate + coffee for the win!)

Tuesday Tittle

Tuesdays have a short shot of espresso in the form of grammar. Maybe you’ll be able to learn something new, or maybe it’ll be a refresh of something you know, but there will always be helpful examples!

Wednesday Warrior / WIP / Writer In Motion

Wednesdays can cover a lot of thoughts! First and foremost is 4thewords news (hello fellow Dust Warriors!), and equally WIP (works in progress) can be updated, or there might be a Writer in Motion post.

Thursday Tomes / Throwback Tomes

Thursdays will have a review for the day, either a book newly published with the past two years, an ARC (an advanced reader copy), or a throwback tome, a book that’s left it’s words to flourish in my mind. If you haven’t had Turkish coffee, it’s strong, but soooooo worth a taste!

Friday Flash Fiction

Normally written from a picture I’ve taken in Japan, these are one shot fictions that can range across genres and go wherever they wish to wander. It’s Friday – Irish coffee for the win!

Saturday Sundry/Serial

This might be a half ‘n half, half the post being my thoughts about… well, what’s hamstering in my brain, and the other half a story told across the weeks, five hundred words at a time. Vietnamese coffee please, that condensed milk makes it delicious! 

Sunday Scapple

Like any other writer, I’m trying to find a schedule and type of writing that words for me, so that’s what Sunday is about. Come join me for the journey, or feel free to leave tips and hints for me to check out! (And with Monday following behind, the coffee of the day is Liqueur Coffee) 🙂