This is where you can find links to where I’m published! Enjoy browsing, but if you’re into reading specific genres, here’s a quick list of what I write (and the name you’ll find it under).

  • CoffeeQuills is entirely social media, including what’s written game-wise over at
  • J.A. Hammer – horror, fantasy, almost anything under this name is along the speculative fiction line of writing.
  • Maple Marr pens romance, and sometimes poetry.

CoffeeQuills – a proud Dust Warrior at 4TW!

A dialogue snippet from 4thewords – ah, Suwö, you’re so much fun to write!
Bestiary entry for a Dust Wignow from the Dark Forest (also from 4thewords)

J.A. Hammer – riding the spec. fiction wave!

100+ writers share twisted crime stories you can’t escape
Tiny tales written to shake & rattle your bones!
Special tidbits to give your holidays a bite!

Maple Marr – radiant romance & love for all!

Publication is currently out of print – don’t worry! The world hasn’t been forgotten!