Your Coffee’s Been Spiked!

So, you came here to learn more about CoffeeQuills, did you?

An ex-Floridan living in Tokyo (moving from the Sunshine State to Land of the Rising Sun), Coffee is a writer who loves coffee (surprise surprise) and can usually be found with a quill or two stuffed into their hair. As mentioned on my Twitter account, I’m a proud Care Bear and #ApocalypticallyOptimistic – which means I tend to radiate happiness even in the worst situations.

Currently, I’m a staff member with 4thewords (I joined as a player in 2016 and loved everything so much I became staff in 2018). The RPG elements really get me to

Best writing buddy, Mace!

Five Questions & 1 Strange Fact

  • Q1: How long have you been writing?
  • A1: Ever since I can remember, but I’ve only recently (2018) starting submitting for publication.
  • Q2: So, you’re not published yet?
  • A2: I’m writing for the online writer’s RPG 4thewords, so you could say I’m published daily over there. Book-wise, I can be found in three micro-fiction anthologies at the moment, and one novella is out of print.
  • Q3: How many plot ideas are bouncing around? Anything you’ll share?
  • A3: Many! I’m not sure about the number, but I’ll share two 😉
  • – Love Me Like a Villain is a poly-positive, superhero romance.
  • – Remnants is a paranormal post-apocalyptic story about found family.
  • Q4: If you could have one season, which would it be?
  • A4: Autumn, hands down. Crisp air, fiery foliage, and everything being pumpkin (though Japan doesn’t do pumpkin spice lattes, one of the chains usually does something with pumpkin).
  • Q5: Do you believe in writer’s block?
  • A5: In a way, yes. I believe there are mental blocks to writing, but I don’t believe that there is a condition that prevents me from being creative. Writer’s block seems to be one of three things to me, and by realizing which it is, I can continue to write:
  • 1) A lack of focus on one idea or action.
  • 2) Being too stressed from the daily grind to write.
  • 3) Cries from my subconscious telling me I need to fix something before I continue writing.

And the 1 Strange Fact

When I need blood taken (or when I give blood), I can’t look away – I have to watch it. Kinda freaks the nurses out. 😀