Brewing WIPs

Projects I’m plotting, writing, and editing can be found here, and on Wednesdays there will be a WIP update as the daily cuppa!

Our Mutual Ruins

(LitRPG on Royal Road – starts May 1st 2020!)

Our Mutual Ruins
14% Complete
2,865 of 20,000 words

Our Mutual Ruins is an open post-apocalyptic world, promising players that they can do anything they want. No railroaded story, take only the quests you want, and enjoy your personalized gameplay.

Enter Jinn, a well-rounded tester with a resume of games spanning from kid-friendly Forest of Creatures to space horror Exposure: Death Among the Stars. Her company, Always ON, hands her and nineteen other their next assignment.

Play OMR for two weeks, and report back on the viability of a completely open post-apocalyptic game. If any coding knowledge happens to be in that report, then a bonus might happen to be in their following paycheck. Jinn figures it’s the same old corporate espionage bullshit, and shoves the thought to the back of her mind, more interested in the game than an increased paycheck. She concentrates on exploring, pushing the boundaries to see how far the world goes.

Day 13 comes and goes. Respawning stops working, and now in-game actions now have real-life consequences, with permadeath the final outcome. It’s a post-apocalypse battle royale as Jinn hunts for a way to shut down the game. But while she’s trying to keep herself from killing people, some other players have no problem with “accidents.”

Love Me Like a Villain

(Amazon Series – to be published July 2020)

Love Me Like a Villain
12% Complete
9,542 of 80,000 words

Mosaic Song University boasts the highest annual number of enrolled talented students.

Student #16: Lancelot Medina.
Preregistered for the Hero program.
Talent: Solar-powered strength and energy.
Warning: History of talent use against non-talented; see juvenile records. (Amendment: Juvenile records sealed.)

Famous graduates include Esquire Rubydroid, world-famous firefighter Flame Hunter, and Ghostly Scream, PI.

Student #46: Aliko Jenkins.
No preregistration.
Talent: Voice mimicry.
Warning: Tends to abusive power for unfair advantages; use of spoken codes recommended with all interactions.

Their motto is “We Will Be Better,” and a promise that every year will be a journey of unique experiences.

Student #200: Rene Beau
No preregistration.
Talent: Confidential.
Warning: Little to no control over talent. Contact family when problems occur.

Know what else is unique? Romantic chaos.