Brewing WIPs

Fair warning, I tend to ping-pong around so there are probably quite a few WIPs in the brew! (And this doesn’t include editing or plotting!)


Love Me Like a Villain
13% Complete
10,781 of 80,000 words
Lance is finally on his way to university, where he\'s going to be best friends with his roommate, find a nice person to date, and prove to the world that he can use his powers to be a Hero! Right?

Lucky #7 (NaNo)
0% Complete
of 100,000 words
Detective Patchworks feels caught between the metal cogs and magic spells of his coastal city. Too bad he still needs to find a killer, find the source of a street drug, and figure out how to stay alive!

Submission Calls

Raygun Retro
0% Complete
of 6,000 words
Zombie Pirate Publishing - a science fiction anthology submission call for stories in the style of 50s and 60s classic sci-fi!

Rebuilding Tomorrow
0% Complete
of 6,000 words
12th Planet Press - an anthology with a focus on disabled characters and set after the apocalyptic disaster, about rebuilding a new sustainable world.