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An area to help you further your writing career and add on your knowledge (because let’s be honest, we’re all still learning and testing out new things!) Everything mentioned I’ve used and highly recommend!

Writing & Writing!

4thewords – An RPG made for writers, which is certainly worth a visit! Journey forth to save Oge-Mai Valley by battling Dust-infected creatures, find companions to aid you in your quests, and show off your victories via your avatar in the forums, all using the power of writing. (My referral code is RNXCQ91637) [I’m CoffeeQuills here too, and I’m part of the 4thewords staff because I love the site so much!]

NaNoWriMo – What author blog would be complete without a NaNo link? (Well, many, but not this one.) 50k words. 30 days. 1 month. Comes complete with a great community, forums teeming with helpful writers, and Camp NaNo during the months of April and July. [I’m the NaNo Municipal Leader of Tokyo, if you’re in my area come say hello!]

Writer In Motion – You’ve seen my posts, and I’ll tell you now that I learned a lot from this group of people and continue to do so! A picture prompt is given, and a story grows from that small seed.

Writer’s Workout – There’s so much to do with this group! Feedback Fridays can get more eyes on your words, but if you’re looking for a challenge, check out their Writer Games (aka 72 hours of insanity) and the Arcade for pressing forward, testing the waters outside your comfort zone, and making new friends! (The Writer’s Workout is also a very lively Facebook group!)

Research & Information

Dan Koboldt has an amazing blog series, collecting a wide range of information from experts and professionals that can help writers add those touches of realism (I mean, “Nuclear Radiation for Writers,” “Gravity Basics for SFF Writers,” and “Horses in Fantasy Writing” are just topics scratching the surface!)

Submissions & Queries

The Horror Tree – Not sure where to start looking for places to submit to? Want to find a few anthologies or short story calls? Don’t be afraid, the Horror Tree caters to all speculative fiction writers, which means fantasy, sci-fi, and yes horror, through a widely collected range of publishers!

Query Shark – Ah, query letters. Most writers hate them, but with the Shark’s help (her sharkiness is also known as Literary Agent Janet Reid) you’ll be able to read an archive of over 300 query attacks and see how to survive (and yes, trust me, you will want to read ALL of them!)

Query Connection – Looking for a beta reader? Happy to help others in exchange? This site is an inclusive writer community and a good place to polish a stubborn query. It’s a little new as of now (late September 2019), but it’s already growing!

Grammar & Punctuation

Chicago Manual of Style – The absolute best resource (among others) that you can have at your fingertips is The Chicago Manual of Style, and if you can’t, then on your browser is good too. Their Q&A helps find answers to the hardest of grammar questions while CMOS Shop Talk (the blog) ranges from quizzes (good luck!) to posts about punctuation and editing. Will need a subscription for most access.

Grammar Girl – Not sure why you should use ellipses or a hyphen? Do you know the difference between “farther” and “further” and which to use when writing? Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty helps explain in easy to understand ways AND also has a great podcast. (Something to look out for is a CoffeeQuills mention in podcast episode 665!)

Am I missing a site? Is your favorite place not here? Let me know in the comments!

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