Sunday Sundry – October 11th

Time to fight the Purple Gate at 4thewords!

This has been a long, lovely week with many highs! First of all, I survived baking a cake in the kitchen! It was a family member’s birthday so I made a Gingerbread cake with pumpkin spice glaze (delicious)! It took over the kitchen though and ate up a LOT of my energy. It also left a lot of dishes in its wake and treacle that was shoved into the freezer (I wasn’t sure what else to do with it). 

Another even was my 1st 12-hour stream on Twitch! The whole reason I wanted to do one before NaNo is because I have this idea of doing a 24-hour Welcome to NaNo Stream, and one of the beans in my chat pointed out that it would be good to see if I can survive 12 hours before I try to do 24. The 12 were survived with a smile and hopefully enough progress sprints for all of those that came by to support and encourage me to also get things done. I’ll be trying another 12-hour stream on Friday, October 23rd to make sure that wasn’t a fluke. 

4thewords opened the Purple Gate and there were two Global Quests that allowed every Dust Warrior (no matter where they were) to participate in the event. Next up is the NaNoWriMo event, and I’ve seen the artwork for that (since I need to name and describe all the characters). It’s ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and I have to hold my breath every time someone wonders (in the forum) what’s going on for the main event. The good thing is that I’ll have a lot more quests to go on… however, my Lore Book is already full at 20, so… I need to get working on them!

Coffee to get me through this!

Finally, but not least, was the Japan Writer’s Conference. It was online this year (probably not a surprise to many people) and I wasn’t able to catch all the panels that I wanted to, but I did find the correct Zoom link for Charles Kowalski’s Creating 3D Villains and Wendy Nakanishi’s How to Write a Crime Novel. I was a little sad not being able to see everyone, but I look forward to next year’s conference as well. 

Starting to think about what books I’d like to release in 2021 and when. Planning when they’d be written, when they’d be edited, and how to plot them now so I can put my head down and just write. 

  • 1st – Love Me Like a Villain (polyamorous superhero romance) 
  • 2nd – Monstrously Sweet Melodies (mythological next-door neighbor romance; free novella with newsletter signup)

After that, it’ll depend on what needs to be done, how the books are selling, which covers can be done in time, etc.  And as for #Preptober… well, I might not be as consistent as I wish I was, but I’m happy with what I’m doing!

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