WIPs Wednesday

Time to hold myself accountable and write what’s been going on for the week (besides #Whumptober, which has been a great way to simultaneously reduce stress and add stress). While I wanted to get more done this week, I’m honestly happy that things got done.

… I really don’t remember where I took this picture…

The current 4 projects are (and in this order):

1. Love Me Like a Villain (1st book written and the remaining 11 books plotted)

  • Book 1 is plotted and the other books have their overall arc plotted
  • Book cover has been done!

2. Monstrously Sweet Melodies (free novella to be written and given out with my newsletter)

  • Fully plotted
  • Characters created
  • Book cover done!

3. Cloudlark (web serial free to read)

  • 3 1/2 chapters are written and need to be edited

4. Our Mutual Ruins (web serial free to read)

  • 3 chapters are written and need to be edited
Pretty pretty lights!

Onwards, to the writing!

It’s going to be crunch time with all my plans for October, November, and December, but we’re going to end this year with lots of love for words!

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