Getting Past the First Week of NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo is coming!

The first week of NaNo is when a lot of writers are either swimming along well, propelled by the freshness of an adventure, innocent characters to shove into problems, and the sparkle of working on a new idea. Orrrr… have forgotten that they signed up to write 50k in 30 days. This is a great time to look through the Sponsor Offers and find a 2nd goal that will help keep your motivation levels high when the newness of your story starts to flag. 

You’ll want to go back and fix those sentences. You’ll want to correct the spelling for every word that has a red squiggly line. You’ll want to re-read what you’ve written and see if it makes sense. All of these feelings are completely understandable, but… during NaNoWriMo, many people will tell you not to spend the time re-reading, fixing, or correcting misspellings (time is precious after all, you only have 30 days).  Personally, I make an exception for spelling, and that’s because one NaNoWriMo long ago, I spelled so many words so badly that when I went back to fix them, I had no idea what I’d written (and that feeling makes you *not* want to edit, I’ll tell you that.)

The spooky donut is cheering for you!

If possible, use the first week of NaNo to:

  • Build a buffer of words. Use this as a defense and prepare for days when you won’t be able to make the daily 1,667.  
  • Get into a habit of encouraging other people in your writing group (hopefully, they will encourage you back)
  • Test and find the schedule (time/place/equipment) that words best for you

This is not the easiest task and there’s a long journey ahead of you – however, you’ve started on your first steps towards writing your story, so congratulations and may the words be with you!  

PS – “That words best for you” was originally written and it made me laugh so the typo stays

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