Sunday Sundry – Time for Pumpkins & Sweet potatoes!

Yes, that’s a sweet potato latte

I love photos that show information about the person with the background! I mean, a person might be able to recognize that I use 4thewords (there’s a creature battle in the lower left hand corner). They can see the Event 4 2020 image from the Writer’s Games with the Writer’s Workout (since I was checking the new prompt and seeing what was needed). And there are little nerdy things about too, such as the Fallout figures, Frankenstein’s creature, and Poison Ivy.

And there’s also a sweet potato latte from Starbucks smack dab in front of my rainbow keyboard. It really does taste like sweet potatoes… which, after drinking it, is not something I really like to have as a liquid (and I didn’t taste any coffee, sadness).

October has come and even inside, I can feel the weather getting cooler (sigh… it’s a nice, comforting atmosphere). I’ve been staying on top of my #Preptober and I’ve been happy helping other writers get ready for #NaNoWriMo (I also get things done during this time, so it’s helpful for me as well).

Instagram: daily picture prompts and ideas for 15-minute writing exercise 

Twitter: ways to prepare for NaNoWriMo (advice, plotting questions, character questions, etc.)

Twitch: 8-10pm Japan time, prepping partners and brainstorming sessions (11am-1pm UTC / 7-9am EST / 4-6am PST)

I’ve been able to do plotting for my free newsletter novella during the Twitch times, and Instagram has me remembering to add senses when I write. Hopefully you’ve all be taking care of yourself and continuing to progress!

Sending spooky vibes your way!

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