Sunday Sundry – November is Coming…

As if a thousand writers were editing with red ink…

Thoughts come, thoughts go, and here’s what keeps running through my mind. I’m ecstatic that I signed up for the Writer’s Games again!

We’re at Event 3, which means I have 3 completed short stories behind me and 2 more to look forward to. I have a feeling of accomplishing things, streaming live writing on Twitch certainly goes toward keeping me on task and allowing me to send in the stories on time. 

So far we have a sci-fi AI terraforming story, an apocalyptic romance involving movies, hunters looking for eggs in a dreamscape, and the newest one is a urban fantasy with an elemental meet cute! All of these ideas wouldn’t have been written if I hadn’t signed up, and the feedback has been amazing (no surprise there). I’m curious what the next 2 events will bring – I’m still drooling over writing a grunge rock fantasy with We Built This City (on rock and roll)!

I’m also looking forward to October and all of the #Preptober content that I’m creating. I’ve got pictures for Instagram and about 1/2 of Tweets I want to send out written. Normally I don’t do too much during the month before NaNoWriMo, so this is a bit of an adjustment for me. 

Channeling my inner super heroes to get things done! (Tiger & Bunny – Fire Emblem)

Writing wise, re-plotting Love Me Like a Villain is commencing, and I think I realize what the problem was (besides me, haha). I’m still learning a bit more about how best to plot so that I don’t run into problems later on down the line and I’m so close to finding my spot, for now at least, that it almost slides into the correct position. After this I’ll be working on a novella and the next book in the Mosaic Academy series. I do have some manuscripts that I need to edit though, so I’ll have to find the time to carve out for those.  

Annnnd I just realized that I wrote Saturday’s blog post and it never posted. Whoops! That’s something I need to get better on; the scheduling in advance part. Hope everyone reading this is doing well and making progress!

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