WIPs Wednesday

I also made a map too, with Inkarnate!

 Another day, another middle of the week – but I’ve been a bit of a busy hedgehog lately!

While my mind has been ruminating over Love Me Like a Villain and trying to figure out how to fix what I still see wrong with it, I’ve been half-focusing on… well, I guess you might call it busy work. That means I have a beautiful Google Sheet for book covers I own, separating them into tabs with ones that still need to be re-titled, others that need to have plots made for them, and then the last page of ones that are currently in use or have been published. Right now that’s Cloudlark (my fantasy sky pirates web serial) and Our Mutual Ruins (my LitRPG post-apoc web serial), both over at Royal Road. 

Looking through what covers I have and the stories I want to tell, I’ve set my eyes on a novella. An adorable, mythological romance involving next-door neighbors, one who has a child learning to sing (and who needs to learn to control their powers, ASAP) and the other who is a vocal instructor. Cue the music, dating, and the problems that come when a child accidently hexes a person. Monstrously Sweet Melodies will be free to download for anyone who signs up for my newsletter. Yep! Coffee has created a newsletter that will have short, sweet bursts of information delivered straight to any interested party!

Interested in what though? In the books that will be coming out, in the stories that will be told, and in knowing when those books will be available. Which brings me to what else I’ve been working on. The website. I’ve been updating information, adding a page (or two), and will have the WIP page current in the next few days (possibly not tonight since it’s nearing midnight, and if I want to wake up early I need to go to sleep [a little bit] early). 

Haven’t had it for a while, but happy to have hit the nitro!

The other mini-project I’ve been working on has been a collection of all the open calls and submissions that I find interesting. That way I can’t say that I found a call too late, I can make sure my Saturday Submission posts keep going up to help other writers and a bit of extra information in those once a month newsletters. September is the month of organizing and collecting myself so that the rest of the year can be focused on writing. 

So thank you for the support and encouragement – I am truly a writer who is a work in progress! I hope your own plans are going well and that you’re making progress on the things you want to be doing. Cheers! 

And if you really want to know what books are coming… sign up for my newsletter!


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