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My days keep marching on and there are so many things I want to be doing! September has the Writer’s Games, October has #Preptober (and I have ideas! for that). November is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), December is World Ember (a writing challenge that has levels of world building). The challenge is 10k, but there’s also the novella challenge of 25k, the novel challenge of 50k (borrowed from NaNoWriMo), and an amazing trilogy challenge of 150k in world building alone! Finally, January has been claimed by TheLadyWrites on Twitch who will be hosting a 31 stories in 31 days. It’s gotten to the point where I’m going to need to plan my year and how I want to hit my 50k monthly goal around the various projects that I’d love to do. 

Why though? While it seems as if I’m taking time away from writing novels, all of these events give something back. #Preptober helps me find a community that I can support and that will help encourage me. NaNoWriMo is doing my 50k, sometimes pushing myself to do more than 50k, and feeling shored up with all the others writing at my side. World Ember world building is sorely needed for my worlds to exist, and the short stories in the Writer’s Games? That fleeting moment of something is done and accomplished. 

The Writer’s Games (conducted by the Writer’s Workout) has been just the thing to make me feel as if I’m swimming and not simply treading water. So the prompts have been:

Practice Event: Thunderstruck! (core concepts: character development, plot) Lightning never strikes the same place twice. For this Event, your character gets an important second chance.
Event 1: Hidden Treasure (core concepts: perspective, show don’t tell) One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. For this Event, an unassuming object is worth its weight in gold.

The Writer’s Workout is amazing, writers you should go check them out!

The practice event ended up as a sci-fi story about humanity having a second change with a newly terraformed Mars. Event 1 was a toss up between an urban fantasy meet cute at a witchy coffee shop or a post-apocalypse world with movies being a hidden treasure. Somehow (and rightly so I feel, with how much I genre-weave and like to hop around), it’s become a post-apocalypse world with movies (and some found coffee) and a possibly ending with a meet cute.

I can’t wait to see what Events 2-5 will be! This is actually really good for me in many ways. First, I’m getting practice having about 1 hour to develop a cohesive short story plot. Then, since the story has a 72-hour limit, I need to take notes within the story so I don’t forget them (a good practice to do when writing for novels too, if I’m being honest). And finally, I feel accomplished when the short story has been finished. When working on novels, that’s a feeling not felt (usually) for a long time.  

Which brings me to a hard decision that I needed to make. Love Me Like a Villain is going to be a 2021 release. While that’s the bad news, that there will be more waiting than I initially thought, the good news is that this allows me to start up a newsletter for any and all interested readers. The great news is that I will also be releasing Hate Me Like a Hero (book 2 of the Mosaic Academy series) a little bit after the first book, and book 3 (TBA) will be a pre-order.  

And since I hate getting spam too, my newsletter will be short, like an espresso shot. Pinky promise!

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