Saturday Submissions – September 5th

Who knows what a submission call will bring? Better submit anyhow!

Two submission calls for this Saturday: Slashertorte: An Anthology of Cake Horror (um… should say again that it’s for the horror genre?) has about 57 days left and Making Predictions (nonfiction) has about 87 days left.

Slashertorte: An Anthology of Cake Horror

After all those slicing videoes of items not being actual items but being (amazingly) crafted cake, this might be an anthology many people are interested in submitting to. The cover for this anthology is pretty cool too, a skull half made of bone and half made of what looks to be layered sponge cake.

  • Deadline – November 1st 2020
  • Publication – unknown
  • Word Count – 2,000 words max
  • Company: Sliced Up Press
  • Pay: $0.01 per word
  • Theme – Must be horror: splatterpunk, bizarro, extreme are welcome (please see website for what’s not allowed). Especially interested in under-represented groups in horror (women, LGBTQIA+, BIPOC)

Making Predictions 

Written for MUSE, a science magazine for kids ages 9-14, and looking at how scientists make predictions (focusing on meteorologists). Topics mentioned, but not limited to, are historical predictions, forecasts vs. emergencies, tools & tech, etc. They do have a few other nonfiction submissions open; Honeybees & Pollinators (Sept. 15th) and The Ears Have It (Oct. 15th)

  • Deadline – December 1st, 2020
  • Publication – July/August 2021
  • Word Count – 800 – 1,200 words for sci-fi or science-focused; 800 – 2,000 words for features; 500 – 800 words for profiles/interviews, activities, experiments; 100 – 300 words for photo essays.
  • Company: MUSE
  • Pay:  unspecified; check the website for more information
  • Theme: Science-based writing for kids 9-14 focused on how meteorologists make predictions.

As always, please check submission guidelines for each company in case information has changed.  

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