Saturday Submissions

Who knows what a submission call will bring? Better submit anyhow!

Two submissions calls for this Saturday: Neurodiversity (poetry) has about 47 days left and It Came From the Sea (horror) has about 17 days left (apologies for the short notice, but some reprints will be accepted).

 #71 – Spring 2021 – Neurodiversity 

This open call is for poetry, and specifically poetry submissions from people who fall under the umbrella of neurodiversity. Poems may be on any subject, in any style, and in any length, but the poet must be a person with neurological differences as the intention is to highlight a diverse and powerful community that is often marginalized. !* Also looking for cover art; please use Submittable *!

  • Deadline – October 15, 2020
  • Publication – Spring 2021
  • Word Count – unknown
  • Company: Rattle
  • Pay: $200 per poem
  • Theme – Any subject, length, style can be submitted as long as the submitter is neurodiverse (examples given, but not limited to, are ADHD, Dyslexia, etc.)

It Calls From the Sea 

An open call looking for scary stories involving the sea, the dangers below as well as the dangers above. Storm drains and murky creek beds are perfect sources of horror too [note from Coffee: Remember the Jersey Shore shark attacks of 1916? Some took place in Matawan Creek!]

  • Deadline – September 15th, 2020
  • Publication – TBD
  • Word Count – 2,000 – 8,000 words
  • CompanyEerie River Publishing  
  • Pay:  Up to 3,000 = $10. Up to 5,000 = $15. Above 5,001 = $20
  • Theme: Horror about the ocean. Real and mythological creatures are both allowed but it needs to be within our reality and relative timeline (on Earth, not too far into the future). Also, some reprints will be accepted.

As always, please check submission guidelines for each company in case information has changed.  

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