TOME THURSDAY: Blood and Fire by S. Park

4.5 stars for Blood and Fire

Five Things I Loved

  • – Mistaken identity fun for the win!
  • – Family cuteness and heart-warming love
  • – Interesting plot twists (no spoilers here)
  • – The description of a festival with a full moon in an area where many shifters live
  • – A very interesting group that aids the Queen, I liked reading about them


.75 Sparked Star – The cover design didn’t particularly appeal to me (which is nothing against the author), however one of the characters being avian/winged and the other being shifter between human and fire-lion most certainly caught my interest. The plot, with the mad vampire, love, and magic was more than enough to make a purchase and put this book into my hands. 


1 Characterization Star – The amount of non-human characters was diverse, and there were mentions of differences between countries, but I would would have liked a bit more obviousness in diversity (not just with the main characters) which is hard in two ways as something that is not obvious to me might be super obvious to another, and this is a novella (possibly a short novel), so it’s difficult in that way too. The characters introduced and focused on have their own motivations and needs that come into conflict with their lives and it’s nice to see how Harun and Kelwyn work together to overcome their problems and difficult citations.   


1 Plot Star – There were several twists that I didn’t see coming and it was nice that none of them felt forced or pulled out of the aether. The conclusion, without me spoiling things for future readers, was immensely satisfying and when I started I might have been a little unsure about how the whole idea would pull together, but I 100% enjoyed reading. 


.75 Flow Star – A great use of cliffhangers and I didn’t want to stop when I was reading this book. That said, the pacing seemed a bit off as if the novella was a bit like a collection of vignettes (which is not a bad thing, they all fit together well, but the pacing istelf didn’t seem cohesive). How the information was spread out in the story was done well and never felt as if it was too much.  


1 Evoked Star – I most certainly made happy sounds when reading this and groaning sounds when the situation required it. I have recommended this to friends and will most likely read Harun and Kelwyn’s story at some point in the future (I like the festival, and Harun buying Kelwyn a gift was cute)

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