Monday Mood board – Love Me Like a Villain

Top row, left to right:

Clari drew these wonderful pictures of René, Lance, and Ali. I loved her coloring technique and that each of them has a little bit more going on in the picture. Lance, my sunshine boy, is holding his lucky coin. René, my grumpy little cloud, is drawing strength from the hoodie he’s wearing. Aliko (if we’re going with the weather, she’s wind), last but not least, is listening to music, which will help with the career she’s aiming for. 

Middle row, left to right:

Coffee has been added not because of my name, but because as the group of friends take coffee before class, romance brews. Also, I like the fact that each person lets slip a little bit of their personality with the academy coffee they order (those drinks are so specific!). Amusingly enough, Lance is the one that dumped a ton of milk and sugar into his coffee (he doesn’t need any more sugar, but good luck telling him that), René doctored the coffee in the middle for himself, a splash of milk, no sugar, and Ali puts sugar in hers but takes it without milk.

I don’t think the middle heart needs to be explained for this polyamory romance 😉 and the final picture of three lattes is also for my triad. René will take the swan since he loves sketching feathers, Ali likes the lines of the heart, and Lance will take the unknown shape that’s left (most likely making a point to tell the barista they did a great job, even if he doesn’t quite know what it’s supposed to be). 

Bottom row, left to right:

René’s sketchbook (apparently he made friends with a moth), a chess knight for Lance – not that he’s logical, but more because he tries to be like fabled knights and protect people, and a juke box’s collection of records for Ali’s ability to pour passion into her voice. 

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