Sundry Sunday – Hey Brain, What’s cooking?

New creatures released at 4thewords! This little one is Raf

There has been a LOT of buzzing about in my brain and I’m not just talking about the coffee. (Or maybe it has been the coffee) 😉

4thewords just uploaded a HUGE bunch of creatures and quests with two areas opening back up after they were used for the April Expedition: the Water Festival and the July Expedition: the Spaceship on the Meteoroid. AND!! There is now a way to tell how many quests are available to you in an area before you head there (which is wonderful!)

I’ve also been streaming for a month now, and I’m very happy to be part of a great community. It’s been fun meeting people, dropping into their streams, and going live on Twitch as well. I’ll continue this and see where it takes me. So far, it’s been forcing me to make progress on several stories I have going, so that’s a great thing. I’m a little curious how it’ll work out during NaNo, but I’m also sure that I won’t be streaming more than 2 hours during most NaNo days, since I’ll need that time to write. I find streaming great for plotting, good for editing, but a little hard for writing since my workflow is drinking coffee, putting on some fast music, and super focusing for a long time. 

INSERT PREPTOBER IMAGE HERE (ooooh, I should try and make one for personal use)

It’s also a little strange to start preparing for #Preptober and #NaNoWriMo so early! But, I want to have #Preptober ready to stream, which means that needs to be taken care of in August/September, after that follows NaNo, and then there’s WorldEmber, a challenge to write 10k of worldbuilding with World Anvil. I also need to start learning more about what to do with Amazon indie publishing, since that should also be happening in September. It’s feeling as if there is so much to do (there is), and thankfully I’m not feeling overwhelmed (yet). 

#Preptober… I know I’m going to be streaming extra for that, daily 10-midnight JST. I’ll be working on fleshing out characters, crafting settings, and finding those small victories that make it easier to keep your sanity while writing 50k. I do need to spend some time figuring out how I’d like to do this… with 2 hours and a focus on 3 things, it might be good if I add in a 4th of brainstorming and plotting, where other writers can ask questions or for help coming up with ideas in their world. All I know for know though is that it’s going to be fun!

World Anvil Summer Camp Diamond Badge!

Oh! And the World Anvil badges were handed out today, so I received my Diamond badge for the 2020 Summer Camp (which means I created 33 brand new articles in my worlds and wrote at least 300 words for them). The trick wasn’t the word count, it was keeping to a schedule. Just like NaNoWriMo, if you fall behind it’s harder to catch up… and with my articles, you (or at least I) can see a dip in quality between the first week when I was doing at least an article a day and the last week when I was trying to get as many done as possible.

Okay, I think I’m rambling (which, while allowed on Sundays might not be the most interesting thing to read), so I’ll show myself out. *waves* Bye for now!

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