Flash Fiction Friday: Snippets of Mind Candy

The very old book cover made for Mind Candy, my space opera

If you’ve seen me lately, you’ll know that I’ve been streaming. What you might not know is that I’ve been working on Mind Candy, my space opera with cyborgs, psions, and space battles every Wednesday on Twitch.

What I’d like to do is start collecting the #vss365 (very short story) snippets that I try to do on Twitter and house them here, where every Friday you can see what’s happening in Jerrick and Frili’s world.

A little background: Jerrick is an alien that “can pass for human.” She is a psion and, when using crystals, can expand her mind to see who and what is around her. Frili is a cyborg, a crewmate aboard their pirate ship struggling to make money so that he can free his frozen soul (his words, and severe punishment on his home planet.) I’ll let you discover more about these two and I hope you enjoy the adventures!


#vss365 8-14-20

“Things are #complex.” Frili turned their back to Jerrick. As she put a hand on his shoulder, she could feel a slight shudder work its way down. “Frili… you’re a great friend. We left ‘complex’ behind us & are in… hypercomplex. There might not be a way out either.”

#vss365 8-15-20

“You have #zero chances of regaining his soul.” Wryns, the other cyborg in the room, flashed a red light at Frili. Jerrick’s fists clenched as her crewmate, her friend, groaned in pain. “He is useless. Worthless. Frozen.” “He is none of that & I’ll prove it!”

#vss365 8-16-20

“Okay… what are we doing?” Jerrick paced in their small jail cell. Turn. Five steps. Turn.”This being thinks you should give up.””Frili… you are the #one person who’s stuck by my side… & I just realized you have wires in that arm we can use. Gimme.”

#vss365 8-17-20

“Okay. Touch that red one to the blue… cross the yellow to the lighter blue. It should short circuit the lock on the door.””Is this supposed to be done?” Jerrick smiled. “Frili. They locked us in an easily escapable place. That’s, like… #group approval.

#vss365 8-18-20

“Is everyone on your planet missing their right arm? I can’t imagine you’re born with it.””Thoughts are replicated. It is better to let flesh be consumed as it is replaced with purity in material.””Um… so… just local #morphism. Okay.”

#vss365 8-19-20

“Frili… what would happen if we removed your, um, metallic parts?””This being is not #contravariant.””… smaller words buddy. I’m not the one with implanted tech.” Jerrick dropped to the floor as Frili threw a punch into the wall. “What did I say?”

#vss365 8-20-20

“We need to find a medkit.” Jerrick looked at Frili’s dented hand. “Or a toolkit.”
“Neither.” The anger had leaked out, absorbed by the way, & Jerrick still wasn’t sure what had set him off. “Commute.””Where?””To the Ice Tomb. Where frozen souls languish.”

#vss365 8-21-20

The horizon drew nearer & the buildings grew larger. Jerrick’s eyes were drawn to a shining white #triangle.”Don’t tell me. They ‘freeze’ souls in the snow place.” “It’s not.” He sighed. “That’s where souls are ripped out. That’s this being’s nightmares.”

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