WIP Wednesday!

Ready to attack the rest of the year!

WIPs Wednesday is back and I have been working on a LOT of things lately. First of all, I’ve found a streaming community that has been welcoming and encouraging – which, yep, does mean I’m streaming on Twitch! Now, what am I streaming exactly?

  • Monday -> (coastal detective) fantasy Lucky Number 7
  • Tuesday -> (LitRPG post-apocalypse) – web serial Our Mutual Ruins
  • Wednesday -> (space opera) Mind Candy 
  • Thursday -> (sky pirate fantasy) Cloudlark 
  • Friday -> (steampunk & ghosts) Currently Not Named 
  • Weekends -> random*. I could be streaming tarot card writing, I could be enjoying a break. 

*except when an event is going on that requires daily streaming, such as #Preptober or NaNo. 

Love Me Like a Villain

I’m in the editing phase for Love Me, and after that I’m going to have a couple of readers looking for those last minute typos, but – and here’s the key here – this book needs to be out before October. The next book in the series will be: Hate Me Like a Hero.

After Love Me Like a Villain is published in August/September, I’ll be working on Cloudlark and Our Mutual Ruins so that the two web serials have weekly chapters coming out in November and December, when my focus is on other projects. Also, I’ll be running a separate stream every day in October to get writers around the world ready for NaNoWriMo. 


October will be me doing daily Preptober streams (along with my official streams) and there are two other challenges I love to take part in (but have never finished) in that month as well. First is Inktober, which I’m going to try this year by allowing myself to do timed ink sketches. Second is Whumptober, the month of hurt and comfort, which I love to read and write. My goal was too ambitious last year (I wanted to write a new 5k story daily), so what I’ve been planning was to release my fanfic chapters during Whumptober and actually writing the prompts out during the rest of the year.

Until the End of the Year 

  • September’s primary goal: Publish Love Me Like a Villain. 
  • October’s primary goal: Stream daily #Preptober for NaNoWriMo 2020
  • November’s primary goal: Write 80k of Hate Me Like a Hero (Mosaic Academy Book #2)
  • December’s primary goal: Kindle WorldEmber (10k written for World Anvil articles) 

And as for January? It’s a little weird to think about that now, but looking at my schedule… it’s going to come up fast! 

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