I believe in aliens!

 July has started and with it are several great ways for writers to get those words down (and for me to get a LOT done). Grab your coffee because here is my July 2020 list of cool things writers can do:


Alien Expedition with 4thewords #DustWarriors – more quests, new creatures, and the return of alien friends (some, at any rate)! Gwynos has let it slip that there will be some experimenting this time around, but she didn’t say what type of research the aliens are interested in…  

World Anvil

#WASummerCamp with WorldAnvil – need to slow down on the writing to make sure your details are in place? WorldAnvil is hosting a summer camp with daily prompts to help you fill your worlds with characters, countries, buildings, languages, and more. 


#CampNaNoWriMo with NaNoWriMo – set up your project, choose a word count, and let the words fly! No more camp cabins unfortunately, but you can join more than one group now so this might be a good way to keep up with friends and have stats available. 

Writer In Motion

#WIMGames with Writer in Motion – while the next season Writer in Motion starts in August, July has a hashtag game that will help you connect with others who have either taken part in the past writing, editing, & critiquing events or are looking to find new friends for future rounds. 

What does all this mean? Words. Lots and lots of words (and a very patient family who understands that I nest in my office several months during the year to participate in challenges.) It also means that I might finally free up some head space since I currently have thirty-odd tabs open in my brain and I’m not sure which one is playing music (but at least it’s not an earworm).

Hashtag Games on Twitter

#VSS (very short stories) – if you’re looking for a fun daily prompt, I suggest checking out VSS365today

#LGBTQWriMo with host Amara J Lynn. Daily prompts to meet other LGBTQIA+ writers.

If you want to join me for what looks to be an amazing month, I’m CoffeeQuills on twitter, discord, at Royal Road, and at 4thewords.

For any other writers that will be #AmWriting this month, may caffeine guide your words!

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