Tome Thursday – Siren Radio by Jessica Hardy

4 stars for this adorkable 1920s AU mystery!

 Five Things I Loved

  • – Secret passages & safe places for communities!
  • – A relationship with consent and communication
  • – the beautiful 1920s atmosphere (she has a voice for radio)!
  • – Mal, a supporting character using they/them pronouns
  • – A wide cast of paranormal creatures


Saw this being tweeted about on Twitter, and the cover art grabbed me (loved the smoke coming from the old fashioned microphone)! After reading the back about a paranormal detective and a radio heroine, I picked it up for Kindle.


This is one of the books where I enjoyed the main characters, but I somehow fell in love with Mal and Lenny (supporting characters of my heart). However, Esther is a woman who is starting to understand what she wants, and John, a man who is just starting to see himself in a different light. The interactions between these two would fun to read, and I enjoyed how the relationship grew deeper and stronger as the story went on.


I like the twists and turns this story had – the other people in the police department, Esther’s friends, and how all these different strands are woven together. I also loved how the author pieced together mythological elements with “modern” day equipment, such as a siren with a radio slot (no spoilers here – that was an open secret in the book’s blurb)!


It was a little slow in the beginning – I kept expecting more paranormal, even if they were hiding out and keeping themselves a secret from the world. I also wasn’t expecting the kinky love almost immediately; I usually like to get to know characters first before the sex scenes. As slow as I felt teh start was, when the plot picked up it was fast-paced and full of action.


Esther’s quick quips drew a few chuckles out of me, and as I said earlier, I love both Mal and Lenny. Feelings were certainly evoked, and I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a heated romance.

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