Trying to channel a 4TW Dust Warrior since March is going to need one!

As usual, you can see what I’m working on over at my Brewing WIPs page. I’m thinking I’m going to switch from words to chapters though. It’s easier to figure out how many chapters a book requires, but it’s a little harder to figure out how many words a word will require. It might also be easier for me to update chapter by chapter instead of every time I write words down (and sometimes less to do is worth a lot).

Our Mutual Ruins

Mirroring the world for the moment, my apocalyptic LitRPG has the first chapter looking only for proofreading now. With everything going on, I’m hesitant on waiting for the twenty chapters. Part of me wants to put it up since it’ll be a free thing for people to do while staying home… on the other hand, how many people (besides me) are looking to read post-apocalypse right now? Second chapter is written and having it’s first editing pass over it.

Love Me Like a Villain

July is especially my Amazon month, and as Camp NaNo creeps even closer it’s looking as if I’ll be writing out the rest of book one during it. Friday’s Flash Fiction is going to be featuring characters and places from the university / superhero world, so if you’re looking to capture a glance, Friday is the best time to do it!

Ghost Apocalypse

My first completed manuscript is still unlisted, and I’m still on Chapter 3. Writing this is a good reminder to listen to it either on the train tomorrow morning or possibly at lunch, and then I can continue up to the first fifty pages to submit to Jeni Chappelle. I hadn’t put this up yet since I wasn’t sure how to count words when edited, but if I’m switching to chapters then everything will be fine.


  • Goal: 52 submissions
  • Current Number: 6 submissions (1 still out in the wild)

I’ll have a drabble being published soon by The Horror Tree, so I’ll let you all know when what’s coming out!

There might also be a secret thing going on! I can’t share too much about it, but with a little luck and some hard work, I’ll be able to talk about it soon!

During these trying times, relax when you can.

Take care of yourselves out there everyone ~ Wash your hands and be safe!

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