Tittle Tuesday – It’s & You’re VS. its & Your

I just realized I have a 2017 calendar for 2020… am I trying to time travel?

The picture above was chosen for the “Regret Nothing” pancakes (and possibly subconsciously because 2017 was a nice year, if my memory serves me correctly). Anyhow, when it comes to these four words, you’re, your, its, and it’s, I think it’s best to have no regrets, or at least leave them on Twitter, where you can’t edit your posts.

It’s & Its

It’s is not for possessive meaning (which for way too long of a time I thought it did… seeing my old writing makes me cringe sometimes). It’s means it is. Weird Al has a grammar video on YouTube called Word Crimes and the example he gives is an idiom, “Every dog has its day.”

  • It’s my cake day! => It is my cake day!
  • It’s my book. => It is my book.
  • It’s my seething wrath that you must fear. => It is my seething wrath that you must fear. 😉

Its is the one with possessive meaning.

  • The university broadcast system and its bell tolling could be heard for miles.
  • Poor car – I could hear its clanking for the last three miles.
  • My favorite stuffed hedgehog is pink, and its nose is purple.

You’re & Your

You’re & Your does the same thing. You’re is not you possessing something; it means You Are. Your should be used when claiming ownership of something. 

  • I have your book with me.
  • Your glasses are amazing, they really have that steampunk look!
  • All of your thoughts in this essay are scattered, to be honest.
  • You’re really annoying right now.
  • This class is what you’re looking forward to, right?
  • The shower’s normally filled with pop, but you’re singing heavy metal… are you okay?

I’m probably not the only person who does this, but on Facebook I’ve stopped myself from liking a post if it has a common typo like this (doesn’t count if it was made on purpose though). Best of writing everyone!

If you’re an indie author, I’m looking for more authors to interview on Mondays!

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