Sunday Sundry – What Do You Sing While Biking?

That sleet I mentioned biking in? Turn to fricking snow!

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking about Corona, just like the rest of the world. It’s in the news, it’s on every social media, and with every single person I talk to, it’s at the top of their mind as well. I will say that I’m more worried for my friends and family than for myself – living in Japan, with family in the USA and my parents in Ecuador, not to mention the friends in Australia, Russia, Belgium, England, France, Canada, Poland, Spain, etc. 

I start singing the old Animaniac’s song, Yakko’s World whenever I need to go through my people-I’m-worried-about-list or whenever I see an update on how many more cases have been confirmed. However. I’ve done what I’ve can for the people I live with, and so I’m trying to direct my energy and thoughts to what I can do for the people I know overseas. 

Which is why Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays will be dedicated to indie writers. Sundays will be a spotlight on authors, Mondays will be Merry Meets (interviews with authors), and Thursday will still be reviews, but I’m going to try and keep them for indie authors (which means juggling my TBR list but that’s fine). If you’re interested in any of those, please let me know (comments, Twitter, any other place you know me). I’m also Twittering as much information as I can to help artists, writers, editors, and other freelancers.

One of the new indie books I just picked up

In other news, I keep adding books to my TBR (which is awesome) and I keep adding ideas to my TBW (to be written) pile, which, while it’s nice to know I’m not going to run out of stories, I’d like my brain to chill out and settle on one or two to finally finish. Oh course, I’m still going to start my serial for Royal Road on May 1st, and I’m looking to publish the first book in my superhero romance through Amazon in July. My brain is also telling me that I should be writing more stories to go along with all of the pre-made book covers that Go On & Write makes (and that I fell in love with). There’s also the detective fantasy I’ve had in mind to write, and the post-apocalypse cozy mystery series that I’ve been recently thinking about as well. It was a little amusing when I asked in a cozy mystery book about putting a series after the apocalypse; most people there said the pairing didn’t work at all and who would my audience be, but there were two other people who had thought about it as well, so I feel that there is an audience (just a quiet one). 

I also realized while biking in the rain earlier today that there are three types of people who bike. Those that sing their theme song, those that sing a song about what they’re doing, and those that sing the opposite of what they’re doing. I was the first person heading out, then I morphed into the third person while biking in sleet this morning and heading back home. (I was singing “Happy When It Rains” coming back home, but I was singing one of the Care Bear songs, the fight one, when I was biking up to my friend’s house.)

I’ll finish off with a question though. Does anyone else tend to hoard plot bunnies? I feel as if I have more of them than other writers gather, so I wonder sometimes if I’m not looking at my story ideas too carefully and declaring them as all good… on the other hand, if I find something about those stories and bunnies that I like, isn’t the caveat to first write for yourself? Feel free to let me know what you’re thinking via the comment section.

Positive vibes your way everyone! Keep your chin up, don’t stop caring ~

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