This fiction is a part of the Love Me Like a Villain superhero romance universe, coming July 2020 to an Amazon near you 😉

(Picture from Dwain Norsa at Unsplash)

In a small office at the northernmost edge of campus, a shadowed figure clicked through screen shots on their laptop. The first wasn’t important since there were more to follow; it was just the initial warning that his system had been breached. The next set of pictures showed two people, one person wearing a white vest with a bowtie, an old-time fedora on his head. He, and the shadow was assuming it was a he, had a flair for fashion. The vest was embroidered with small flourishes of silver thread, delicate flowers that danced around the edges and complemented his dark skin beautifully. There was a art to his way of looking around the room at a pace that was balanced, neither rushed nor slow, and he held himself straight even as he examined the items, the shelves, and the notes in the room with only his eyes and glasses. 

The other intruder was almost an opposite. She, in the same way “he” had been used, kept seeing new things and running over to them, using her power over wood to hold the item up and check it out from every side. Her companion didn’t stop her; in fact, as the pictures continued, the figure saw that the gentlemen was pointing out things for the hellion to touch. All of their past was being disturbed, and by two students. Two random students who, after decades, had stumbled onto his lair when it had laid undisturbed for so long its existence was half-forgotten. 

“Whelp. It was a good run. Now it’s time to do something about it.” They rose from their chair and paced the room, muttering under their breath and stopping every few seconds to write figures in the air. “No hope for it. The whole decision lies with those two.” 

They went back to the laptop, leaning over the desk as they opened the university’s website and moved to the students selection. The man was familiar looking. One of those students who’d been here for a while and was also active with things on campus. It took several clicks, and one curse as a tab started playing music, but finally, the gentlemen was found. 

“Davi Vels, pronouns he/him/his. Junior, majoring in Journalism with two minors, Social Media and Morals & Ethics. Current Editor-in-Chief of the Hodgepodge Hedgehog.” There was a pause. “Every time I hear that that name I think it can’t get any stupider.” They looked up Davi and checked all the pictures the school had of him, but the woman didn’t show up. They sighed, then went to the student directory and pulled up Davi’s school email. 

“Looks like it’s up to you to get in contact with her,” they said, typing a short message. Then they checked it. Looked for typos. And hit send. “Right. That’s done, and now it’s time to prepare.” 

Which was going to take a lot longer than they had. A clock from somewhere in the room tolled the hour, and there was more cursing. Which was in interrupted by knocking at the door. 

“Professor Duncan? Can I talk to you about our last test? I know I scored in the high 80s, but I want to talk about question twenty.”

They scowled. Rubbed their temple. Then clapped the lights on and settled back down at their desk. 

“Come in.” 

The door opened, and a head with half a buzz cut and half a braid poked in. A small sigh escaped.

“Is this a bad time?”

“It’s during office hours, is it not?” Professor Duncan motioned to the seat across from his desk. “Let’s discuss your answer to question twenty.”

“Thank you sir!” they said, a smile widening in relief. “And if it’s not too much, can we look over questions one through ten, along with short essay on the back?”

He would be late meeting the intruders… but perhaps that could still be worked in his favor. 

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