Tome Thursday – Psychic UnderGround #1 The Facility by Sarah Elkins

5 Stars for this thrilling paranormal tale!

 Five Things I Loved

  • – Color-coded for your convenience
  • – Shapeshifters, pyrokenetics, telepaths, telekinesis oh my!
  • – Singular use of “they” for a pronoun; asexual goodness too
  • – MC who acts human with a good balance of strengths and weaknesses
  • – Nikola Tesla makes many appearances (and I learned things)


I’m a sucker for people with special powers, and the pinned tweet of the author described the book as part one of her “wereTesla” series, which made me want to know how a person was a were of another person – so, bought!


The main character, Neila is a great example of how to make a character with weaknesses and strengths. She has reasons for what she does, and she is consistent with what she’s willing to do, what she’s not, and what scares / freaks her out. Agent Anderson is a great foil and having the background of the underground facility, where everything is monitored, is the perfect place to see how these two bounce off of each other (and how they stick together too)!


There were some twists and turns I was not expecting in this book. While I could assume that they would (eventually, hopefully) get free of the facility, I didn’t expect how badass the final fight would be, nor some of the surprising reveals of characters I’d already written off as stupid, useless, or just assholes. Kept me flicking the pages, that’s for sure! 


A little slow after a quick start, and most of the action was toward the end. However, the information found out in the slower parts was useful in building up the suspense, so the pacing was on track to deliver a nice punch at the end – you see it coming, but even the reader can’t tell how much damage is going to be done by the time the book’s finished.


There’s a part where Neila is talking to the voices in her head and I snorted at how she was taking care of things. I also felt satisfaction when she helped the yellows (telepaths) – it’s nice to see a main character using common sense and good ideas.

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