WIP wednesday – What’s New?

Rocking the light emitting primary colors at 4thewords! (Reflective primary colors would be red, blue, and yellow.)

You can see what I’m working on over here, at my Brewing WIPs page, which will give you a progress bar, a blurb of the story, and where you can find it (along with a predicted release date). (Note: I need to do better at updating the word counts.)

Here, in the Daily Cuppa, is where you can find out what I’ve been working on for the previous week. As I’ve said before I like to write in multiple genres, so there will usually be a mix going on at once. I like to call the process Woven when it’s working well, and Chaos when it’s not.

Our Mutual Ruins

The apocalyptic LitRPG that I’m working on has its first chapter written and once edited (I like to try for three times in total). I’m thinking I might not do the first twenty chapters before posting to Royal Road, but instead I’ll do the first… *looks at plot line* Never mind. First twenty chapters it is. The second chapter is half written, and if you’re a fellow Dust Warrior, you can read the first chapter in the Read Section of the site!

Love Me Like a Villain

I’m still plotting my Amazon month as July, and if I can get that fire lit under me I’ll bang out the first book during Camp NaNo in April. From there it’s a question of how long it’ll take me to edit the book. Right now I have two Chapter 1s, one Chapter 2, and a start on Chapter 3, so that’s going well. And a new character appeared (a barista at the coffee spot on campus). It’s university, so there’s gotta be a cafe somewhere. 😉

Ghost Apocalypse

Third, currently unlisted (still unlisted, apologies), is my first completed manuscript. I realized that I can send the first fifty pages to Jeni Chappelle and so that’s my next goal (and hopefully from there I can edit some more, and when it’s a final manuscript I’ll send it all to her again). Chapter 3 has been printed out, saved again so I know where it is, and has highlighter scribbles all over it. The next step after marking it is to make those changes, then listen to it during my lunch hour, seeing if phrases and expressions work well with each other (or not).


  • Goal: 52 submissions
  • Current Number: 5 submissions, with a 6th one coming up quickly.

Recently received word back that one of my short stories didn’t make it into an anthology, but that’s okay because the more I write (and learn), the better my writing will be.

This desert Wignow is wishing you the best of writing!

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