Tome Thursday – Contemporary Draconic Hoarding Practices by Dae Richards

Come for academia, stay for the romance!

 Five Things I Loved

  • – Adoption (and in such a positive light!)
  • – Magical university
  • – Inter-species relationships
  • – Different subsets of magic with different rules
  • – Protective sibling


Modern day dragons, magical universities, and a beautiful cover that drew me in (I don’t judge books on covers, but yes, they do factor in). Overall, it’s a little short at 202 pages and I wish there was more, but sometimes a reader wants a short fluffy piece of romance and this delightful tale is ready to oblige!


Clayton doesn’t really grow, but I’d say that he deepens with information and he’s the eye of calm in the hurricane for everyone else’s chaos (that magically cleaning kitchen!). The ones that truly show character growth in this story are Ed, Gavin, and even Syralis the Wise a little bit; and they become better beings because of it.


As a romance I could figure out the ending, but there were a few little twists that I enjoyed and that moved the story to a sweet ending. If it was a longer book there would need to be more, but the plot fits the length and it was enough to have fun reading. 


There was a good balance between slow and fast parts – I didn’t find a spot where I wished it could have gone slower or faster. I appreciate the manipulation of time in the story as well, since it allows the reader to bypass hours of conversations about art (which, while fascinating to some might be deadly boring to others.)


I stopped in the middle and pumped a victory fist for what happened to Mr. Levy XD. I also paused and (silently) commented Gavin on being… well, no actual disclosures here, but I was applauding him in my heart for what he did. Thank you for writing Dae Richards, five stars from me!

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