WIP Wednesday!

My amazing avatar is showing off items won by writing at 4thewords!

You can see what I’m working on over here, at my Brewing WIPs page, which will give you a progress bar, a blurb of the story, and where you can find it (along with a predicted release date).

Here, in the Daily Cuppa, is where you can find out what I’ve been working on for the previous week. As I’ve said before I like to write in multiple genres, so there will usually be a mix going on at once. I like to call the process Woven when it’s working well, and Chaos when it’s not.

Our Mutual Ruins

First on the list is an apocalyptic LitRPG that I’m working on. The first twenty chapters have been planned, the first four have been plotted, and I’ve written a rough draft of the first chapter and a half. When I have all twenty written and edited, I’ll start posting them on Royal Road. I want to make sure I have a slight surplus at the beginning, so if there are any life problems, the serial won’t suffer.

Love Me Like a Villain

Second is a twelve book superhero romance series to be released through Amazon. I have an overall plot of the twelve books, with book one being two-thirds plotted out. At this moment there are two Chapter 1s and Chapter 2s, so I’m going through both of them to see what I like and what would be best to salvage. Not quote editing, more like melding the two stories together.

Ghost Apocalypse

Third, currently unlisted, is my first completed manuscript. It’s an apocalyptic ghost story and I finally found where I misfiled Chapter 3, so I can continue editing that. There’s at least one more intensive editing pass to do, one where I’m moving the plot points around since I realized some of them would be better off later on, and then I’ll go through again before I send it off to a professional editor (I’m entrusting my MS to Jeni Chappelle, and I’ll one of the things I need to do it put the websites of the editors I trust on the Beyond the Blog page. Something that will be gotten to in time.)


Fourth, but certainly not least, are the submission calls that catch my eye. Some of them I don’t submit too, but there are others that blaze forth. It helps that I’ve given myself the goal of achieving 52 submissions by the end of the year.

Frizi! These little guys are a creature you can fight at 4thewords – 150 words in 10 minutes!

As for you, wherever you are in the process of writing, may your ideas be as plentiful as clouds during a hurricane and may the words flow as smoothly as that first cup of coffee was poured.

Have a great day!

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