Sunday’s Song & Submission

Sunday’s used to be for talking about how to make a writing schedule work for you, but since I’m still finding mine, I’m going to shift Sundays to another -S word (because if you know me by now, you know I like alliteration.)

Sundays are going to be for Submissions and Songs.  I’ll try to find some interesting ones with at least a month before the end date, and they’ll be along the speculative fictions range (which means, horror, romance, fantasy, etc. are fair game). 

Clockwork picture from Jason Olliff on Upsplash

Song: The Death of the Cog (by The Cog is Dead)

The song is about a watchmaker who hears that the death of cogs is coming due to the use of electricity – a little old now since it was released in 2009, but it’s a catchy tune and certainly brings up the world of steampunk!

An opened metal burner on a steam train by Colin Avery on Upsplash

Submissions: Clockwork, Curses, and Coal: Steampunk and Gaslamp Fairy Tales #2

  • Opening: February 1st
  • Closing: March 31
  • Length: 7,500 or less
  • Payment: $0.01 per word & contributor copy

The Anthologist in question (Rhonda Parrish), is looking for both original and retellings of fairy tales that have been punked up (the previous anthology was Grimm, Grit, and Gasoline). She’s looking for worlds and stories re-imagined in the 1800s aesthetic: corsets, coal, gasoline, gas lamps, and can also be in places besides the Victorian England / the American Wild West.

There’s more information at the link, such as if multiple submissions are allowed and how to send your submissions in, so if steampunk if your thing (or you’re itching to tell a fairy tale), check out the link and get your fingers typing!

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