Sundry Saturday – Energy High!

Chansey shared its happiness!

With today being a perfect Sundry Saturday, I’ll talk a little about what I’ve been up to. First and foremost, I took January off. I burnt myself out during NaNo, couldn’t get December to stop rocking, and made a firm decision that I would use January to get things under control. And honestly? I didn’t like it, but I needed it. 

I was able to take the time and use it to do the other chores / errands / projects that I’ve been putting off… which, maybe not a surprise to anyone other than me, allowed me to feel motivated and happy to be writing again. *shrugs* All these years later and I’m still learning so much about myself. 

I already know one weird thing; I thrive on pressure. I figured that out in university. Freshman year with 12 hours of classes and I made Cs and Ds. My senior year, I had 22 hours of classes (with university permission to take more than the upper limit of 21 hours), while being an R.A., taking a leadership course, and logging over 100 volunteer hours (I made As and Bs during this). 

On the other hand, I still don’t know my pressure limits, and that’s exactly what happened in November, trailed into December, and had me taking January as a giant halt to several things (such as this blog/website). Thank you for bearing with me. 

All these books, and more, needed a home (and got one!)

I was able to shelf all of the free-roaming books in our apartment (six+ boxes). I’ve gotten my office into halfway decent shape, and it’s to the point where I can concentrate on my work in there. I finally started my 2020 bullet journal to keep me on a balanced track. And I’ve made some decisions for my writing down the line. I’m going hybrid.

In this year of 2020, by December 31st, I will have:

  • 1 LitRPG serial (Royal Road). 
  • 1 super-hero romance series (self-publishing, 12 books total)
  • 1 post-apocalypse / paranormal manuscript ready to be queried (traditional publishing) 

I also spent time with people (gasp!). I hosted an epic game day at my apartment, went New Year shopping during the second and third day of 2020, and mostly being able to break surface to see and hang with my friends.  

So again, thank you. And I may not have said this before, but I want this website to be a place for writers at all places on their journey to find information, groups, and friends. I feel that it’s a little hard to do that when I’m not updating, but it also wouldn’t be happening if I was stressed. Moving onwards – I’ll be looking at pages here and trying to see how I can best help other writers, but overall most won’t change too much. Hopefully I’ll have some good news for the publications page, a nice update on what it means to be a Dust Warrior, and many other things. 

Happy New Year everyone! May you be safe, happy, and healthy. *suspiciously eyes the Coronavirus news*

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