Thursday Tomes – Ghosts of Gotham by Craig Schaefer

Ghostly, ghastly, grim and wonderful


The cover lured me in with electric shades of green fading to a dark black around the edges – and I readily admit is was the colors that grabbed me since I’m so-so on having the single person striking a badass pose on the cover of the book (it’s okay, but I feel as if I’ve seen too many lately). Another book my spouse picked up, but one that I was glad to start reading. (1 star). 


There was character growth from the two main protagonists and it was refreshing to see. Other fleshed out characters made appearances, each of them lighting up like a unique flame and making me hope for the future that they’ll play more parts in books to come. The relationship between the two main protagonists is sweet and it’s nice to see   (1 star)


Very little of the plot made itself known to me too early and so it felt as though as though everything slotted into place at exactly the time it was meant to – those little times where something happens and you think to yourself, ah, that’s why I read about a particular characters/location/item earlier. All the little twists and turns added to the plot. It’s not a straight urban fantasy either, which is appreciated. There’s Gothic horror,  myths, fantasy, and a touch of thriller. (1 star)


Fast with what felt to be non-stop action, there wasn’t a point in reading that I wished it was going slower or faster. If this was a clock, it would well oiled, balanced, and old grandfather clock with a hidden panel in the back holding the mummified remains of a crow. Reveal after reveal, the thrills stayed high and enjoyable. (1 star)


When I put the book down after reading the last few words, there was that rush of emotions, that “damn I can’t believe that’s over!” and “I wish I hadn’t finished it yet!” That’s the best feeling to have after closing the cover and I was glad to experience it. And anything with a never-before-seen Edger Allen Poe story is perfect! (1 star)

5/5 Stars 

I’ll be keeping an eye out to see when this series updates (it’s been confirmed on the author’s blog that it is a new series, so more will be coming in the future!), and I hope that some of the side characters I fell in love with along the way. 

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