Scapple Sunday – Testing Agendas for Science!

Doesn’t this make you want to burrow in a blanket nest?

Scheduling is my magic. Seriously, I got up, I made a vertical graph with all the things I wanted to do, and I did… four things. It was going well and I was gathering steam to continue doing things… until I was interrupted by my spouse (and a delicious dinner, so I can’t complain too much). 

I ended up dividing the vertical list into four parts. First was chores/errands such as laundry put up, laundry taken in, and laundry gone out (living in Japan means I don’t have a dryer, all my laundry needs to be hung up outside, piece by piece). The second section was writing related. This included plotting, editing, and writing, adding checking submissions and picking a book to read and review for Thursday. The third section was social, such as going through my mail and writing notes to people. The last one was a check at the four areas I need to monitor daily, such as Trello and Slack for example. 

The list worked for showing me what I needed to do and giving me the direction of where to face my energy. It reminded me about a co-worker of mine telling me that he liked using Sunday evenings best for making a list to do during the week. I’m going to try that as well, seeing if I can get away with making a weekly list instead of a daily list. Of course, there are things I need to do on specific days, but it should be possible to put those down under their own sections. 

Sometimes there are days I need three cups of coffee

Oh dear. I think I’m getting back into making my bullet journal again! I’ve tried that in the past, but it was too much work to keep up by the end of the day (and week, and month), so I ended up letting it go by the wayside. It was a pretty cool looking one though, with a Tiger and Bunny theme drawn into it. 

If I made one this time around, I might need to make it a 4thewords type of bullet journal. One creature for each month, a few other creatures to help me with things such as saving money, etc. I think my meager art skills would be able to sketch out a few of the smaller creatures – heck, maybe I can even do a Fin!

The other thing I need to remind myself is to finish things before I go to sleep at night, or at least set them up, so I can get them done in the morning. Case in point, printing out the chapters for my manuscript. I usually say I’ll do it in the morning, and then morning comes and I’m lucky if I’m leaving on time to get to my job, let along have an hour and a half to do things in  the morning. 

For everyone trying to stick to their schedules, I salute you – because it can be much easier to snuggle into warm blankets with winter coming! 🙂

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