Sundry Saturday – Rock On!

A happy drink for happy thinks!

It’s almost 2020. Blade Runner now belongs to the past, along with other movies I grew up on such as Akira and Double Dragon. A new decade is on the horizon, and there are books I remember talking about the magical future of 2020. I feel old. (My back twinging and hurting all day hasn’t helped that feeling). And another reason I feel old is that I grew up in the time of “you can protect the Earth, just recycle!” which, if you look around, is clearly BS. 

So I took today as a mental/physical health day. Not much went on in the plotting, editing, writing department, but I didn’t feel guilty for sleeping away most of the day. I watched a movie on Netflix, Monster Island, as well, and spend some time reading fanfiction and comics on my phone. A nice day to spend tucked under the blankets, and I was able to forget the dishes/laundry for a little while.

Other than thinking that I’m tired and achy, other parts of my brain have been thinking about social media and trying to set up automated tweets with my writing prompts. I love showing off the pictures I take from Japan and hopefully those little micro stories help others by sparking new ideas or by just making someone forget anything that’s been bothering them for a few seconds. They’re normally written when I’m on the train heading into work… which means that on Tuesdays and Fridays, when I don’t use the train to go to work, I tend to forget to post them, and in turn leads me back to contemplating setting them up at the beginning of the week and using Twitter to talk with friends and help re-tweet good information for writers.

And I’ll never take rocks from a shrine or temple either

 I’m also waiting for a rock! I put myself into a rock exchange, and I just sent out my rocks yesterday. I hope my person enjoys their gifts. I went to Odaiba, which is on Tokyo Bay, and I found three “in the wild” stones from there. I honestly am not sure what they are, and I wasn’t sure if that was okay, so I found a small store selling rocks/crystals and picked up a small bottle of amethysts. Then, because I’m a writer at heart, when I saw three clips with crystals on them, I picked that up as well. My person was in Sweden, but I don’t think they’re the same person who’ll be sending me my rocks, so it’ll be interesting to see where mine come from.

Next year (since I’m already thinking of doing this again), I hope I can go to one of the volcanic islands around Tokyo and pick up some interesting rocks that way. A small part of me would love to send a rock from Mt. Fuji, but it feels a little strange to do that (and it’s probably illegal).

I’m not sure if I’m going to hold my writing group tomorrow, and I should decide now really… hmm… 

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