Thursday Tomes – Medusa Uploaded by Emily Devenport

That is a beautiful cover!


Everything about this sparked an interest in me. I’ve always loved the old myths about Medusa, the cyberpunk/software aspect about it intrigued me, this cover is mind-blowing, the tag-line whetted my appetite, and whenever someone else says “disturbing” I’m curious to see why (star!)


This was a half and half for me. One one hand I enjoyed the many characters that the MC Oichi was, person-shifting as I saw it, and Ashur (a child) was set apart wonderfully from the adults. On the other hand, I didn’t really see any personal growth from Oichi. It seemed to me that she kept making the same mistakes again and again, and never really learnt from it. (star)


It was jarring, rushing after crumbs of information to piece together, arriving at a false conclusion after a false conclusion, and then really understanding what it was. There were (for me) too many plots, plotters, triple-twists, and whatnot. On the other hand, all of it, when explained, made sense (and that’s the important thing to me). I finished the book with the feeling that this was a sci-fi thriller crossover, and it confirmed that I still don’t like spy, thriller, or political intrigue stories; someone who likes those would, I think, love this book. (star)


Rollercoaster thrills, and in the quieter times there was usually something important to pay attention to or think through. until something caught my attention about halfway through the book. The chapters started ending with something along the lines of MC confirms thoughts/action/feelings, then says but I didn’t know / or so I thought / but the future would prove me wrong, etc. This was fine once or twice, but after that I checked how many pages I had to see if this would be my first DNF review; I forced myself to continue. (no star)


I cursed aloud when yet another chapter ended with future foretelling starting with “but.” Not the type of evoking I really want to do with a book (would much rather curse that I can’t read more when I get to the end).

3/5 stars

I didn’t buy this book for my family, my spouse did, so if the second installment is bought I might open it in the future. If it’s up to me, I’ll enjoy what I read of the first one, but I won’t continue the series since the pacing threw me off that badly.

If you like sci-fi, action, and spy/intrigue books, I would recommend to you this in a heartbeat.

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