Warrior Wednesday – 4thewords Motivation!

Green and gold, a great combination! (Those tats were a free reward!)

I don’t think I’ve talked about how much 4thewords is a motivator for me – sure, I’ve mentioned that it’s a great site, that the community is amazing, and that it really helps get into a writing mood, but I’ve not yet gone into details (which is a cue for me to talk about word and items!).

I joined October 2016, and I’ve written 1,824, 063 words since then (includes deleted words. Look at that number though, and divide it by three years: I averaged 608,021 words per year. A NaNo a month, since that further divides by 12 to be 50,668. And I didn’t. Realize. That. 

Sure, I knew I wrote a lot with this site, but averaging a NaNo per month for three years? I had NO idea. Defeat creatures, earn items, and write words the entire time doing it.  This might be a surprise, but I don’t play a lot of RPGs (mostly Fallout) but this is scratching an itch I didn’t even know I had!Special event creatures? Goals encouraging more words? Please and thank you! And even if I don’t feel like writing, I’ll start a fight and that’ll spur me onwards [since I don’t want to lose]).

It’s not all book words though. I do character sketches here, world building, prompts, outlines, thoughts, ideas, etc. I’m happy with the numbers… but I’m beyond happy with the motivation. 4thewords has gotten me to finish my stories, manuscripts, and thanks to this site I’ve even submitted them! Or, the critique group that I joined up with? Yep, met them through 4thewords. The community here is popping, and since it’s international, usually someone’s hanging in the forums.  

I can create an avatar to look however I want them to. There are rewards to earn through game play, there are other rewards that only come with special event quests, and there are the rewards that can be bought for C-Crystals (and some of those can be won in game as well). As for what items you can put on your avatar, they can have wings showing how many days you’ve been keeping up a writing streak. There are gorgeous gem eyes that seem to flicker in light, and so much more.  There are badges to earn for the Fourms, and in the future, there will even be houses that you can invite other people over to (which of course means that we’ll be able to decorate them!). 

The 2019 Pride badge for the forum

 The NaNo event at 4thewords has finished, and what’s coming up next? Rocks. That’s right, we’re going to be moving rock critters from all over Oge-Mai and into the alien section that has been left open after launch. After that will be the Winter Week, and after that – January 1st, when a Wild Hunt starts!

If you’re interested in checking the site out, here’s my referral code: RNXCQ91637 (I should probably make a complete 4TW page, but that won’t be tonight). Welcome to the Hunt, and hopefully I’ll see you in the Forums! 

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