Mabsut Monday! Adding Another ‘M’ to the Day

Ignore the spelling, embrace the idea 😉

The first Monday of a new month! *breathes in deep* Ahhh, can’t you smell the possibilities!? I think this is the reason New Year’s Day is my favorite holiday (or is tied for first place with Ocean Day. The idea of having a day just for the ocean is great… until everyone decides to go to the beach and the coast is crowded). 


  • completed NaNoWriMo with 67,000+ words
  • I’ll have new year holidays coming up to write/edit/plot more
  • had a fantastic Israeli dinner with Tokyo writers celebrating the end of another NaNo 
  • my office is looking better than before (still needs tidying before I put up any pictures)
  • it’s a new week for a new month!

As I’ve said before (and I’ll probably say in the future), while I think I could have done better, I’m happy with where I ended up. It’s a little too easy to see everything that needs to be done, but thankfully writing this list and thinking about what makes me happy once a week helps me see things I’ve accomplished after all. For all who battled NaNo (“win” or “lose”), I salute you!


I’ve been looking forward to December since this is when I’ll be digging my teeth into my Apocalypse Ghosts edits (aiming for an early February finish so I can learn more from Jeni Chappelle). So far, after having left the story alone for the month of November, I’ve realized that two characters need to go. They appeared later on, and they are in a general sense important, but they don’t need to be in the first book, so they can wait until the (hopeful) second book. A few other notes I took when writing it was that the end fight needed to move places, and there had to be more communication between people. And motivations might change, or be more sharply defined. A character that I knew wanted to get away from smothering parents and family is going to have two things she wants to do: get away, and see new places. Otherwise, I could drop her off at the nearest village, and I kind of want her to continue traveling with the group.

How I see “things to do” – growing like crazy and hard to prune down 😀

I did find a new “M” word to join my Monday list… 🙂

Multipotent Multitasker

The power to do many things at the same time. I need to hold myself accountable, so here goes. From now until next Monday, I will:

  • edit 7 chapters of Apocalypse Ghosts 
  • finish the first draft of a submission 
  • organize my office for at least 1 hour total
  • read 1 book to review
  • finish all the dishes in the sink

A small list to start with, but I’d like to build this as a habit, so I’ve no trouble starting small and finishing well (and of course, I have other jobs that are waiting in the wings of my to-do list, just in case I find myself with “extra time.”) May the beginning of your December start off strong and joyful! 

Omake (Bonus)

Today’s my mother birthday, and she was very insistent that I share the joke I wrote for her on today’s blog post, so, here we go:

Three owls are sitting around a tree. “Who? Who has a birthday?” asked one. “Who? Whose birthday is it?” asked the second. “Today’s birthday is for whom?” asked the third. The first and the second roll their eyes. “Fucking grammar show off!” 

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