Scapple Sunday – Plan to Plan Again

Same with winning UFO – plan and re-plan

Schedule time again! As I was saying before, my priorities have changed a little, and will continue to be like that, until around early February, and then I’ll be playing it by ear. Editing to writing to plotting. 

I have my editing figured out at any rate. I’ll be putting chapters into my text-to-voice converter and listening while going through the chapters. The most important thing is to put the chapters in a night and make sure that they’ve printed so I can snatch and grab them in the morning (or if I do it early enough, I can just put it in my bag). Second, an idea that I’m going to add to my editing is the one I talked about before, color coding sections to see how how narration vs. dialogue I have, and to make sure I’m involving the five senses. 

There are a few submissions I want to clean up and send out, so I’ll still be writing, and of course I’ll still be plotting (probably when I’m working since I’d like to keep my lunches for editing). 

For the most part, I’ll be (trying) to wake up early and using that time to go through emails, notifications, etc. During work I’m sure my brain will continue to think  about romance plots, and after work I’ll be editing. I might take this chance to do my editing in a cafe and time myself, or go by page count, but that’ll depend on the cafes near me. The Starbucks doesn’t have the best wi-fi (only a problem if I work directly in Google Docs), but the Tully’s that I’m most familiar with is wicked busy when work’s done, so I’ll most likely never find a seat there. Hmm… if I can get an editing buddy, maybe the Starbucks in Kichijoji would work.

And possible trips to displays

The events I’ll need to look out for in December (those that have a possibility of making me forget my schedule) would be New Year’s since Christmas is a date night here in Japan. The trick to New Years is that the entire house needs to be cleaned from top to bottom, and that job falls to me. Taking this into account (like most NaNo people take Thanksgiving into account), I’ll either need to make sure a specific amount is done (say, an hour), do double the amount earlier, or simply put those days into the agenda as days to take off. 

I also need to find all my pictures, organize them, and set them up to tweet when I’d like. That’ll most likely be a job for Tuesday, when I can transfer phone pictures to the desktop and go to Hootsuite. Other than that, I’m snatching one of my notebooks for a daily “What I Need to Do” list and working on that. I have the time to do what I want, I just need to make sure that I don’t wait until the last moment to do things and that I don’t forget.

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