Flash Fiction Friday – Just the Small Things

Samantha built and Judith dreamed

 She took a deep breath. Tried to control her breathing in face of the biggest problem she’d encountered. The wording caused her to pause and giggle. 

“Smallest problem, maybe.” She bent over the table and tried to line up the edge of the cardboard house with were it belonged in relation to the building. “Biggest-smallest problem.” 

This, arts and crafts, wasn’t her forte. She was a scientist for crying out aloud. One that was looking into environmental problems and world hunger on the side of the physics she played around with during the day. All this gluing, papering, and delicate building was Samantha’s problem. 

The door slammed shut, causing the side of the roof to fly onto the floor; speak of the devil. 

“I’m back with the wallpaper scraps Judith!” 

“I still don’t see why we need them.” 

A very tall woman popped into view, bouncing on her toes. 

“We both agreed, the environmental and hunger problem isn’t because of supplies, and while it’s mostly tied to money, it can also be thought of as choices. If all anyone gets is brown, then they won’t be happy, especially after coming from a time and place where they had thousands of options!”

Judith sighed. 

“Thousands of options, but everyone chooses the same few. Why bother?” 

“Because on one’s going to care about your science,” said Samantha, rolling her eyes. “Someone complains, you show them, and poof, your science shows it works. Getting people to give up everything they have to be a thousand times smaller? You need to woo them. Charm them. Finagle them.” She waved a sheet of options. “And this is how you do it.”

“With patterned wallpaper.” Another sigh slipped from her lips. 

“Look. Think about your books. I know you love reading.”


“Would you go off into a new life without your books?”

“Fuck no.” 

Samantha smiled, fluttering the samples in the air. 

“You get your books and you’re happy. For other people, having markers to color with, options to customize their house, or even different spices for their foods is what make them happy.” 

Judith nodded. 

“Have I thanked you for helping me with this? I mean really, you seem to get people where I just… don’t.”

“Judith, you’re going to be knocking out people left and right tomorrow,” said Samantha, coming over and elbowing Judith in the shoulder. “I mean literally. You’ll be putting them to sleep so they can be micro sized. But I’m saying you’re also going to slay them at the speech later tonight.” 

“You sure you can’t come?” Judith could hear the slight whine to her voice, and judging by Sam’s arched eyebrow, she could as well. 

“I’m sorry, but I’m sure. I need to go and hunt some awards myself at the same time.” Samantha grinned though, stepping closer to Judith. “I’ll give you something for you to keep with you though.” 

“What?” Judith barely got the words out as Sam leaned forward and kissed her on the lips.

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