Thursday Throwback Tome – Enchanted Place edited by Denise Little

An anthology with witches, vampires, magic, and shopping.


The cover (for once) wasn’t what sparked me as it seems a little plain to be fantasy (even with the apply within sign), BUT this was a great find when I started with Witch High and Amazon’s other books by… led me to Cosmic Cocktails, Mystery Date, and finally here, to Enchantment Place. I like all of the anthologies mentioned above, but this one, Enchantment Place, has a special spot in my heart.


Characters were all along a range (since this is an anthology), but for most of the stories it was easy for me to connect with them and their problems, no matter if it was cooking with magical ingredients, hoof and horn polishing for unicorns, or even trying to find something to be good at. 


What I liked most about these stories is that several of them are interwoven. Characters from Witch Stitchery and Make-A-Mortal have a sweet twining (which fits perfectly with the vibe and atmosphere I remember my time working at the mall), and the later two paired in the book are short stories written by Diane Duane and Peter Morwood, a wife and husband team. 


Each story has it’s own flow, rising and falling like waves and mimicking the natural ups and downs that people create working at a mall. Each place, with their specific products and services, fits nicely together and makes me wish I could find a place like this to hang out in the food court. “Kebabistand, for the carnivore in you,” sounds delicious. (And there’s also a coffee shop nearby!) 


There’s one story in this pack of seventeen alone that makes me happily cry every time I read it. Seriously, every time. I’m not sure what magic Mary Jo Putney enchanted “Shining On” with, but years later, several re-reads later, I still have tears. (Maybe it’s the romantic in me, or the happiness of seeing someone fit in so well – six of one, half a dozen of the other!)


Overall – 5/5 stars. While I might not like every one of the seventeen short stories, this collection is a shinning example of what an anthology should be: a well-worn friend that I can come back and keep reading to satisfy a soul itch. Would 100% recommend for fellow fantasy lovers.

Thanks for waiting for the update folks!

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