WIPs Wednesday! – Hint, There Are Many

 Let’s talk WIPs (Works in Progress) – which can be plotting, writing, and editing.

Tal, from my MS, illustrated by Sarah Neila Elkins


There’s one book and one series of twelves books currently being plotted right now. 

(Superhero Romance) – The Villains & Heroes Series is currently at twelve books, starting with the first year at university and ending a little after graduation. This will be following three young adults as they learn more about who they are, how they can best use their superpowers, and what love means to them. I’ve been working on the overall plot, and now I’ve moved into the main plot for each book. Most likely, this’ll be my main writing project for 2020.

(Fantasy Detective) – Lucky Number 7 details the adventures of Detective Patchworks as they try to solve crimes, keep the peace, and uncover secrets concerning a new neighbor moving in the middle of the night and a stubborn, mandatory partner. This was supposed to be my NaNo 2019 project, but it needs to go back into editing. I don’t have a clear town map, and I need to write another timeline with the clues and hints dropped in. Also… too many characters had the symbol # for their name since I couldn’t find my notes or make one up immediately. 


Several submissions have caught my eye, but I’m trying to remember to focus and not stretch everyday at once to do as much as possible. While there are … ten that I’ve felt a flicker of interest to, so far two of them are ones I’m yearning, burning to write and I’ll focus on them most. One science fiction (Raygun Retro) and one apocalypse (Rebuilding Tomorrow). Raygun has already been plotted and just needs to be written (looking at December). Rebuilding Tomorrow unfortunately still needs to be plotted, so that’s still a maybe.  There is a Horror charity call that I’d like to write for as well, but I’ll need to see the deadline to confirm if it’s attainable. Though… if the call is interesting enough, I’ll probably write the story anyhow. 


My first manuscript (slight lie – my first manuscript I haven’t wanted to set on fire) has been written and now needs to be edited. Hard. I’m going to focus the rest of 2019 and the first month of 2020 on that, using the method that’s been working for me so far: printing, coloring, and listening while marking thanks to text to voice. If I push the volume as high as it goes I can mostly hear it, so it’ll do for now. 

@Skaeth tweeted a great example that I’m going to be trying out (after making sure everything fits together world-wise). I’m curious to see how colorful (or not) my manuscript will get. This is a tip attributed to Jeni Chappelle, who has been booked to edit this manuscript (so I find it fitting). Also, I know one of my weaknesses is “talking-head syndrome” so I’d like to make sure I’ve got an equal narration to dialogue rate in the chapter. 

Pretty and purposeful – Check out S. Kaeth and her dragon book!

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