Mabsut Monday – Happy Hearts!

That’s my heart lit up inside – promise!

Today was a great start because of something funny that happened on Twitter – I took one of those predictive text jokes. 

I am Coffee, God/Goddess of this week. And you know what? Here’s my happiness count!

  • I’m feeling much more rested (a nap from 1pm – 6pm will do that for you)
  • I figured out a great idea to add to my book 1 plot (kidnapping! [don’t worry, not actually as scary as it sounds])
  • I’m feeling more confident about my superhero romance working out 
  • I’m feeling more confident about my apocalypse ghosts working out too (though there are a lot more edits to make before I hand it over to Jeni Chappelle)
  • I had a lovely reminder of how I brought several writers together as friends, along with a beautiful drawing <3

As for my Motivation – there are several Quests I’d like to finish up in 4thewords (two of them involve cute shoulder pets, another one gives me a glowing hand), my spouse is out of the city for the week (which, though sad, I’ll take as a way to wake up without wanting to snuggle more), and it is the last week of NaNoWriMo! 

Oh, and I also need to find a rock (not a gneiss rock – still need to research that) to ship to someone in Sweden. I signed up for a rock exchange because I’d love to have a little collection of cool stone/rocks. Nope, I’ve no idea what I’m getting into, but that’s half the fun. New Year cards are just around the corner too (and I have many people to make cards for!). The best thing about this being the Year of the Rat (usually equatable with Mouse) is that in Japanese, “hedgehog” is “harinezumi.” Needle mouse. *squeeee!* So there are so many stamps, stickers, cards, etc. with hedgehogs on them and I’ve been waiting for this ever since I came here in 2007, completely forgot to gather art and craft supplies in 2008 (the last Year of the Rat).

Wonder what drinks will be offered this year…?

I am looking forward to December. Days at home, being able to write, play games, sleep… and then New Year shopping. Lucky bags (Fukubukuro!) at the bookstore are what I’ll be aiming to get, so hopefully I can finally unpack all the books and get them on the shelves where they belong. I will say that my shelves are full, and I have a TBR list probably about a mile long… but there are always new books to add, right?

Oh, and I promised myself that tomorrow I’d finally take an hour or two and have a crack at the Inkarnate map site. I still need to get a rudimentary map of my fantasy town White Cliffs… though reading that name makes me want to change it again. And again. 

And I’m 1,000% blushing from a wonderful exchange of hearts on Twitter. Seriously, I might combust I’m turning that red. Happy crying too. It’s… it’s so nice to know that I was able to help people.

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