Sundry Saturday – Brain Overload!

No, I have no idea what’s going on here either – much like my brain has been

 Whew, this has been a heck of a week! 

Apologies about Wednesday and Thursday – my brain broke a little and needed a reboot. I had too many tabs open, but then an event happened that opened up five more tabs, one of them kept spirling into more tabs and there were three different sources of music going, but I’m not sure where they were. (For anyone curious about which songs were going off in my head, those would be):

  • Cola Song by Inna featuring J Balvin
  • I’m Weak by AJR
  • Magic Animatic by Mystery Skulls

How did I find these beautiful pieces of music? Through YouTube and the power of videos. Here, let me add some links. 

  • Cola Song – A great collection of Voltron video clips and art with a fast beat. 
  • I’m Weak – Overwatch pairings, adorably cute, and yes I’m a complete and utter sucker for Reaper x 76 and Hanzo x McCree 
  • Magic Animatic by Mystery Skulls – I’m in love with the musical necromancer who is fighting to help souls. Hits my character being protective button so many times it jams. 
Set everything on fire and start again!

So what’s been on my mind this week? Well, I’ve been offered more time to work at my full time job (which was the brain explosion that shut me down for a few days). I’ve come to the realization that I want a job that allows me to dye my hair whatever color, and to get whatever I want as a haircut (surprise – that would not be my main job working at a Japanese company). And I’ve realized that I want to try something with the blog.

First off, I’ll be adding “The Menu” as soon as I finish getting that set up. This will explain what I want to do (ultimately) with this blog. In a nutshells, the reasons are: to provide a place of resources to the writing community, give a clearer window into the process of writing, and to contribute to making the writer community a better place.

Second, I’ll be changing how I write things up. I’ll still be doing dailies – I find them fun and hopefully whoever is reading these are finding that they’re not alone in the process, and/or have been finding places to that can help better their writing. Mostly I’ll be making my content tighter (no more wayward rambles) and focusing on making sure that I have some days already on paper, such as book reviews and possibly WIP updates. I still enjoy Sundays and Saturdays being written on the day, so “fresh” feelings come out. 

NaNoWriMo continues, and while I reached the goal of 50k, it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I was hoping for a full manuscript, but I’m going to draw up a map of that city first so I can figure out where everyone is and where clues are found. I’m wondering though, if I should focus on plotting out my superhero romance series for the rest of the month…? Probably! 🙂

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