Mabsut & Motivational Monday – the Book Fairy

I find your lack of motivation disturbing 😉
… you okay kitty?

I decided to be a book fairy today – on one hand not my best idea since I was only halfway through the book, but on the other hand, the kid I was giving it too looked absolutely shell-shocked that he was being given a free book about a young Englishman who could see ghosts and was sailing away to Japan.

The book I’m talking about was written by Charles Kowalski, and it’s titled “Simon Grey and the March of a Hundred Ghosts.” As I said, I was halfway through (and enjoying it so far), but for some reason I decided to carry it with me today. I normally don’t carry paperback books with me since I get motion sick on the train (or if I don’t, then I lose track of where I am, where my stop is, and when I should get off – I already did that once when I was engulfed in a short story, going from Shibuya to Kichijoji to Kugayama to Kichijoji to Mitakadai, which was the stop I wanted… anyhow). That book though, I carried it with me, didn’t read it on the train, didn’t read it during lunch, and had a thought during dinner that this kid would love it. 

The book I gave away

I can’t remember handing out a book like this; maybe when I know it needs a new home, but that wasn’t the case this time. It can be a little hard to fit writing style, story, etc. to a person. He looked so happy though, getting a new book. And I hope he finds a grand adventure through it. In the meantime, I’m going to order two more books, one for me to finally finish, and one for my friend, who works at a school for returnee students here in Japan. She’s the one I gave a presentation about NaNo for, and her fellow teachers received one more NaNo presentation, and one teacher/English speaking listening to a group discussion about The Handmaid’s Tale. (I was pretty shocked that their school was letting her class read it to be honest. The schools over here tend to be very conservative, such as the one I worked at years ago, where teachers were not allowed to dye their hair – that was one of the rules.)

My other parts of my Mabsut Monday collection are:

  • a wonderful bunch of wardrobe items from 4thewords (released for the NaNo Event)
  • being inside nice and cozy while it’s raining
  • having several meaty projects to sink my teeth into 
  • winning NaNo and challenging myself to win again before the month’s finished
Coffee and a ray gun – good choice!

Motivation is calling… but I’ll have to pick up later (feeling extremely exhausted right now)

I will pick up though, I know that. I also know that I’ll feel better (and be more motivated) when I clean up my office a little bit. It’s not horrible (yet), but as my spouse likes to say, I can be a little bit of a nesting hedgehog when it comes to writing time. Tomorrow will be a great day to do more writing (hoping for 10k), send out some emails, maybe set up my Twitter writing prompts, and of course, clean up my apartment (and do some laundry). I know I’ve had good wham-bam quest-done moments when I set things up by the hour, so I’ll go for that tomorrow. It’ll also give me a chance to see if my bullet journal idea of hours and half hours would be worth the effort of making it or not worth it… a question for the ages. 

I will admit that it’s easier to have motivation for writing. For cleaning even. I just need to figure out how to motivate my self to work out at the gym. 

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