Scapple Sunday – Hindsight’s a Bitch

Fits well with the title for today XD
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NaNoWriMo update – I’ve passed the 50,000 word mark!! (and I’m still full of ideas!) Which… might be a problem since I can’t focus on one thing to write. I just keep bouncing from one project to the next as the pretty-shiny demands. On the plus side, I’ve been adding words to many of my projects, which means that most of them are progressing. However, I do need to figure out how to best focus on what I need to accomplish.

I think I have my schedule for the week down, so I’d like to focus on my times. One of the best things about 4thewords is that I can see how much I write each day, and I’m noticing that Tuesday and Thursday are my lowest days during the week. Thursday I can understand since that’s a work day, and nearing the end of the week I tend to be a bit more tired than normal. Tuesday though, is a bit of a surprise. I use that day for remote work, so I’m not stuck going into the office, but somehow I’m not writing much then (under a NaNo amount of 1,667 for the past few Tuesdays, and sometimes even under the 1k mark). 

What might help me is to make an agenda, but a very specific agenda for me. I’ll need times (hourly at least, though half-hourly would be nice too), and three columns so I can have what needs to be done for adulting, what needs to be done for groups, and what needs to be done for my writing. I get the feeling I’ll be creating this as a bullet journal since I have never found anything in the bookstore or stationery store to fulfill that need. 

Which… actually brings me to the new year. I’m sure many of my American friends are focusing on Thanksgiving, but here in Japan the next holidays are Christmas (a date night for couples) and New Years (for family), which is when the entire apartment is cleaned from top to bottom, new years cards are sent out (nengajo), and it’s a family tradition to go to a shrine and/or temple either at midnight or for sunrise the next day (and during to next few days of the new year to be honest). Not much writing is done during that time, especially when new year shopping over the first three days of January happens.

It’s the year of the mouse! A “needle mouse” is close enough for me 😀

And I’m focusing on 2020 – because hindsight’s a bitch (#sorrynotsorry, kinda had to do that). There have been too many years lately when I’ve been… floating, and not really working toward a goal. Which is completely understandable. I still would like something to work towards, even if my goal is to swim over to where the sandbar is and search for starfish. It’s better for me to have something than nothing.

In addition to those, there are always the physical, emotional, and mental goals that I want shore up too. (Which reminds me of a question earlier on Twitter today asking how any adult maintains a good social life, do well at their career, exercise daily, eat right daily, get 8+ hours of sleep, and have hobbies. While part of me wants to give a flippant excuse about coffee and a lack of sleep, I’ll just put this in the “areas I need to work better at.”)

With the new year is creeping up, it’s time that I start extending my scheduling to the future (while still staying in the present). I need an easy way to keep track of items to do during the week, I need a good way to keep track of submissions, and I need to know my schedule so I can focus.

Especially though – I want to start giving my brain a break and reflect on all the things I am doing and have done at the moment:

  • I work two part-time jobs (one I love and the other, well… yeah, let’s just say I love the job, but the people…)
  • I have two finished manuscripts (yes, they need editing, but that’s not the point – the first draft is done and I should be happy about that)
  • I’ve started reading a lot more ever since I started writing reviews
  • I’ve finished a NaNo word count in a little over half the month
  • I’ve kept this blog going for sixteen days in a row

It’s a little hard sometimes, and I’m just as guilty of this as many others I know, but I need to start measuring myself by what I’ve done, not what I’ve failed to accomplish. Sure, my apartment could look much better. My writing could be more focused. I could be going to the gym more often. These are things I’ll work on, and in the meantime, I’ll enjoy the fruits of my efforts as well. Hopefully you can too!

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