Sundry Saturday – Deep in a Writing Well!

This is a cute little creature from 4thewords – it’s a Scofin

I fell down a deep writing hole today – over 6,600 words written, and I’m still not finished for the night! I was attempting to do an 16k on the 16th (since I forgot about joining with others and doing a 10k on the 10th). I might still see if I can get 16k in 24 hours – I only started writing at 5:30 tonight. 

Today was amazing considering that for several other days this week I’ve barely been getting my 444 words to continue my 4thewords streak, but I’ve been wondering why today was a great day to write. It’s not about the time (or at least, it’s not about the time for me). It’s about the set up, the execution, and most importantly, the focus. 

I’ve had to step away from my fantasy detective novel. I don’t have enough of a set up, character names, plot points coming together, a map, etc. for me to be able to focus on the world enough to just dive into writing. Which means that my brain decided to do some world-building for next year – specifically a 12 novel superhero romance that I’ve been itching to write. 

I also had some fun writing today. Yes yes, I always have fun writing, but there’s this little thing called “fanfiction.” What’s that? Not sure what it means? Fanfiction is fiction, written by a fan, and from someone else’s world. It could be from comics, movies, video games, anime/manga, books, etc. Songs even, or I know writing fanfiction about K-Pop singers is very popular right now. Fanfic writers will borrow characters, settings, or plot lines and twist them around OCs (original characters), new plots that “fix” any problems that occured in teh original, or even adding settings that explain how a character would react to having soul marks from their soul mate, etc. 

Many people thing that fanfiction is worthless. The emphasis for writers is for them to concentrate on creating original items, books / stories / ideas, etc. that make them money, since fanfiction is done for the sheer joy of it. But… sometimes a writer needs to just be able to roll with something, to jump in the bounce castle to have fun, and that lets their mind roam free. After doing so, I was able to go back to my superhero romance and get halfway through the first chapter, put up some character profiles, and start with a plot that’s going to connect over twelve books. 

If you didn’t understand fic references, or if you’re someone who doesn’t like fics, then shift the idea to sports – all of us are training hard every day, so having a small break to play a game like “Kill the Keeper” for soccer allows everyone to blow off stress and steam so that they can return to training the next day. 

A happy day being a Dust Warrior and battling many creatures!

In addition to the whole writing over seven thousand words less than half the day, I was able to catch up a little bit on my emails, start thinking about submitting a proposal to next year’s Japan Writer’s Conference, and help a friend with the writing workshop she wants to start in Tokyo. Writing workshops are interesting beasts. Just like the fanfiction I was talking about earlier, there are people who don’t like “genre” books such as sci-fi, romance, or horror, etc. and who give feedback based on their dislikes. Or, digging deeper, give feedback targeting things that really don’t need to be targeted – the details in a story instead of any plot holes, continuity errors, or spelling/proofreading mistakes. 

Other than all of that, I’m doing well. I honestly feel so much happier having a good writing day, and I hope that my spirit will be up to the task tomorrow as well. I did end up missing two submissions that I wanted to do, one about wolves and the other a dark horror, but the stories I had for them weren’t strong, and I wouldn’t have been able to send my best, so I don’t regret missing them too much. On the other hand, I should start working on the one I know to be due at the end of December, or in the early months of next year. I have the ideas, I’ve just got to write them down. Also, I’m looking forward to December and January, where I can really sink my teeth into editing my ghost/apocalypse manuscript more, and my fantasy/romance novel I have as well. (The ghost/apocalypse will be the main priority though since I have an editor booked to help me with that in early February, as a nice little birthday present to myself.) 

Have a wonderful day folx, and if you’re a creative, happy creating! (Posts this, then dives back into writing as much as possible – my brain’s about to overload from projects.)

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