Thursday Tomes – Witchsign by Den Patrick

A fantasy of a frozen North

Sparked – To be honest, although I didn’t choose this book (another family member bought it), when I went Kindle-diving it appeared at the top of my recently downloaded section and the hammer shape on the cover drew me in. (I know, I know, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.)

Characterization – I found myself liking the side characters much more than any of the main characters, and I wonder if that’s because they seemed more fleshed out than Steiner, Kjellrunn, their family, and her mentor. I enjoyed learning about the other children taken, the people working on the island, and of course, the story-teller pirate.

Plot – Overall a good plot with some things a surprise. I enjoyed how magic was made to work in this world, and the Ashen Court was a nice twist. It was also good to see the Hero not being The Chosen One for once. 

Flow – This was a little… glacial. It took me longer than a week to read it, and it didn’t trigger my intense “I must know what happened!” sense. I appreciated seeing what was happening with everyone involved, and the head-jumping between characters was done well, but there was little sense of urgency, and I finished the book only so I would know the ending. (no star)

Evoked – Nothing really evoked my emotions or forged a mind + heart + book connection, and that might be because there seemed to be very little world building. The few nods I had were more of the “saw that coming” variety, and overall it felt like a solid fantasy book, a good hearty stew during winter (but with no spices).  no star

Overall – 3/5 stars. I’d recommend this to friends who I think would be interested, but this series seems not to be my cup of coffee.

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