Mabsut & Motivational Monday!

Hedgehog shaming at its finest – it didn’t bother Mace too much

NaNoWriMo might be a little stalled out at the moment, but I’ve passed 37,000 words and I’m looking to see what I need to do to get over this hump. I’m not sure if it’s because too many characters have #s as names, or if it’s because I haven’t drawn/sketched a map of the city I’m in, but it’s bogged down around Chapter 6. I’ll look over my notes tomorrow, and I’ll re-read the first several chapters to get a hang of what needs to be written. In addition, I’m going to check out Inkarnate tonight and test out their free map making software tomorrow (the reviews are looking pretty good!) I realize that I’m needing 1 fantasy city, 1 apocalypse city, 1 university campus, and a fantasy world map as well – and with new year holidays coming up, this might be a great time to make them! 

Honestly though, thank you 4thewords for those writing quests – I might not be writing what I specifically want to at the moment, but I’m still writing. I want to get all the colors (purple -> blue -> red -> orange -> black) for the space uniforms!


1 Submission -> 0 Submissions (and that’s okay!)

Ambition Welded to Strength has returned home 

I have no stories out in the wild at this point, which means there’s only one thing to do – put more stories out there! (And maybe find a great trunk to put in my office). The good thing is that there are several submissions that are catching my eye. The bad thing… I don’t think there is one? Oh, unless having about eight submission calls in December would be considered bad. When there come to be too many, I just pick the ones that appeal to me the most, or the ones that I can think of a plot for, and I write those. 

If anything, I need to practice writing out plots. There are usually some submissions that I keep glancing at, but then I can’t think of a viable plot until the last week before they’re due! 

On the horizon are:

  • Ghosts
  • Wolves
  • Robots
  • Apocalypses 
  • Fantasies 

I find most submissions over at The Horror Tree – they list more than simply horror ones, pretty much everything along the range of speculative fiction can be found there. There’s also Submittable and The Submission Grinder (which I’ll be adding to Beyond the Blog), and of course, Googling “2020 anthology submissions” can net you some neat things too, like romance + ghost anthologies!


On a little more of a serious note, I’m looking back at the past year and happy to have had people (and pets) in my life that aren’t here anymore. Mrs. S was a constant source of strength, love, and acceptance when I was growing up, and my hedgehog Mace was a spiky little buddy that kept me company when writing. Both of them went on their next adventure a year ago (on the same day, if time zones area excluded), and I feel grateful that they both contributed to the person I am today.

I’m also happy that I can be a positive and helpful influence to the people around me – coffee craziness aside, the reason this blog exists is because I want to spread cheer, uplift other writers, and be a constructive writer within the community. How does that saying go? Ah, yes: Be the change you want to see in the world 😀

  • Happy for friends still here and friends gone away 
  • NaNo is above par for 50k, and I’m sure I’ll be able to get over this middle
  • Writer In Motion has started! (Check out last Wednesday for my Draft 0, this Wednesday has Draft 1 coming up!)
  • The two wonderful care package partners who sent me Twizzlers and many hedgehogs!
  • Looking five years into the future and trying to make goals (thank you brain for suggesting that, I feel… firmer.)
Making Mace’s home

And that’s it! I end Monday on a good note, even if a little sweetly-bitter. It’s about 1/3 through NaNo since today is the 11th, and I hope that everyone is taking care of themselves!

Happy dreaming, plotting, writing, editing, and querying everyone!

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