Scapple Sunday – Fight! (& Learn)

We are are own worst enemy

As anyone may have guessed, my desire to complete a 200,000 NaNo might still be on fire, but the chances dwindling day by day.  A regular NaNoWriMo word count is 1,667 words per day for 30 days (Day 10 = 16,670) and my number requires me to write 6,667 words a day (Day 10 = 66,670). I’m currently sitting at 35,460 (as of the moment writing this, hopefully a little bit more by the end of the night). 

I can either look at this amount and think I’m 18,790 words ahead of the game, or I’m 31,210 words behind. As an ever-blasting ray of sunshine, which do you think I’ll choose?

Neither actually! Sorry to toss that third choice from out of nowhere. I’m going to see it as a positive “I’m learning” because I’ve had two days out of ten were I was above my chosen goal’s daily word count. I’m also going to do what I wrote about yesterday (possibly reset my goal), but I’m happy with this because what I’ve found out is that yes, 6,667 is doable… but only under certain situations. 

Lessons Learnt!

Things to Improve

1. I have to have my home clean when starting NaNo, and I need to have 30 minutes a day to keep up on the more obvious bits such as dishes and trash. If it’s too messy, then I’ll be stressing over that and not focusing stressing over my writing.  

2. I need to have a story bible next to me with sketches, character names, and everything else. I do have one for main characters, but in my current fantasy detective story, I have waaaay too many # (an easy to find symbol for going back and fixing things) just for things like names of minor characters or place names. 

Things I’ve Learnt for Next Time

1A. When I write a mystery (or crime, thriller, etc.), I’m going to make two plots in addition to putting fake clues in as my bullet points. I’m hoping that’ll be easier to follow, rather than one plot with bullet point clues.

Things That Work

A. Having a plot list of where the chapter started, where it ends, and with the bullet points in between works beautifully. I’m most certainly going to be using this more and more! 

B. Having a list of different things that I need to work on. Blog posts, short story submissions, my manuscript, and even fanfiction. It helps when I’m able to move from one idea to another (it especially when after looking at everything, if I’m still feeling frazzled I understand I need take a break from writing itself and not just take a break from what I’m specifically working on). (What doesn’t help is forgetting things though, so that list would be nice…)

I wonder what’s CPR for books?

With all this, I say “possibly” to changing my goal. Just possibly. Why though? Didn’t I already said I won’t be able to make it? Then why keep it? Since something I don’t want to change is the fact that I’ll be learning from how I finish this NaNo. There’s still a slim chance I could finish it, and I’m intersesed in seeing how far I can go while not burning myself out.

  • Traditional NaNoWriMo Goal: 50,000 words for my manuscript Lucky Number 7
  • Stretch NaNo Goal: 100,000 words for Lucky Number 7
  • Super Stretch NaNo Goal: Keep working on 200,000 and see how many days you’re on par. 

I am curious to see what falls by the wayside. I didn’t arrive at the 200,000 number by accident, it was just everything I wanted to write added up. Some of it will probably wait – there was at least one submission I thought due in November that was truthfully for December, and there are other things that I can push back a littler further, even though I was trying to be ahead of my goals.

I still want 100,000 of Lucky Number 7, my fantasy detective manuscript. I need/want to write my blog posts for November, so that’s an extra 30,000. Also interesting to see will be where my words are coming from in the later half, especially when a few of my online friends are trying to tempt me to the dark side of new fanfiction (I do want to write it, but not during November, and I already have other pieces that need to be finished).

With goal setting on my mind and the New Year coming up, I’ve also started making goals for 2020, 2021, and an impossibly future sounding time, 2025. I realized recently that I want to be doing more writing. 2020 will be the year of editing and plotting, hopefully setting 2020 up as the year of writing

Because at the end of the day, that’s that what I want to do. Make it so!

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