Thursday Tomes – We Sold Our Soul by Grady Hendrix

Heavy metal never sounded so good!

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Sparked – I’m not the heavy metal person in my family, my spouse is, and there’s nothing that really called out to me about the book cover, so what exactly sparked in interest? My family’s from rural Pennsylvania, and that Polish ending of “-ski” can be found with many people on my family tree. A book that could be about any of my family members (if they liked heavy metal as much as they like polka)? Bought! (Hey, sometimes it’s the little things.)

Characterization – It was interesting following the main character as she discovered what happened, and then decided that she was going to do something about it. I would have liked a little more time getting to know the other bandmates, but each person had their place and more importantly, they had reasons for doing what they did. The ending was a grand finale that I enjoyed very much thanks to the characters!

Plot – I was not expecting most of the plot – though I have to wonder if I might have guessed at how it would go if I was a heavy metal fan. In any event, I absolutely LOVED how the songs were worked into the plot! If anything, I would have liked a little more detail in the “after the climactic battle” sequence, but that’s a personal thing.

Flow – It wasn’t set at a bad pace, but there were a few sections that pulled me out of the story (which isn’t what I want when I read). It might have been trying to follow the feelings evoked by mimicking the songs (escaping the wellness clinic seemed to go on forever), but since I could only think of that after reading the entire book, I don’t think it was strongly done.

Evoked – Not so strongly with individual sections, but the whole book itself evoked feelings, and I find myself nodding along with character actions or hoping with my whole soul that they’ll succeed in what they’re planning to do. A fun read, and I’ll most likely read it again to enjoy the details. Thank you Grady Hendrix!

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